Instagram on Vacation

We went on a much needed vacation in June. I had the best intentions of posting a slew of pictures. As usual, however, life got in the way. So…I decided I’d share with you some Instagram pictures of our trip. Be sure and follow me (@thelifenotmyown). I love making new Instagram friends!
Dr. Quinn anyone???
Santa Barbara
Hearst Castle
Old Mission in Carmel
Pfeiffer Beach
Beach Baby

6 Months Plus Some

I’ve been really bad about blogging lately, I know.  I had a 4-month update on Miles all ready to go, all I needed was pictures.  I never got around to adding them.

And then he hit five months and the four months post no longer seemed necessary.

And then he hit six months, and I really wanted to do a big post about him being half a year old.

And here we are, three days away from seven months and even that post hasn’t happened.  What can I say?  He keeps me busy!  That, and life’s been busy with my husband’s job, more house remodeling projects, spur-of-the-moment trips, family visiting, and a billion other things.

I am excited to say, though, that after almost three years of marriage, my husband surprised me yesterday by getting me permanent internet at home.  Up until this point we’ve been making it with free wifi at public places and the wifi hotspot on my husband’s phone (which, of course, I could only use when he was home).  That and my smartphone.  I’m not sure I could have made it these last almost-seven months without that lovely connection to the outside world!

But, now that I’ve actually got internet here, I’m hoping that blogging will become a lot easier.  Or at least do-able.

So, anyway…Miles.  Yep, he’s almost seven months old.  I know every mom says this, but, seriously, HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?  I look back at pictures of this tiny little newborn and can hardly believe that that is the same little boy who now gets up all the way onto his hands and toes (not just knees), sits up by himself, and wears 12-month Lightning McQueen jammies to bed.

I mean, seriously guys…they grow SO stinkin’ fast! It seems like every morning he wakes up looking older and able to do more.  And it’s the neatest thing.

For those of you who know Andy and I in real life, this shouldn’t surprise you, but we have a tall, lean kid on our hands.  At his six month check-up he was at the 90th percentile in height and the 50th percentile in weight.  Considering the fact that his pants have gotten even shorter since then, it’s safe to say that we have a tall boy on our hands.  But, seriously…did anyone think we’d have a short kid???

It’s already becoming obvious that Miles is also a definitive extrovert.  He loves people, especially other kids.  When we’re at the grocery store and he sees someone walk by, he starts chattering at them incessantly because, of course, everyone is here to talk to him.  Don’t try to tell him differently…he won’t believe you.

The only thing surprising about this is that Andy and I are both introverts at heart.  So, of course, we somehow get the loudest, most people-curious kid at church.

Aww, but then there’s lovely object permanence.  I think it hit a little early with this kid.  For a couple months now he’s started the crying for mama thing.  You know how it is: you feed your baby, drop them off in the nursery at church, and then 45 minutes later they come and get you saying they think he’s hungry.  But, as soon as you get them, the crying stops.  Somebody was definitely not hungry…he just wanted Mama.

I’m one of those that loves this, though.  I love being the one he wants…the one that makes him feel safe, protected, and loved.  I know it will only get harder from here, but for right now I’m soaking up every moment.

Anyway, hopefully I can update you a little more frequently.  I have so many things on my heart that I want to share with you!  I just haven’t been able to get it typed up.  But hopefully that changes today with this new modern convenience called internet.  Woohoo!

And, to satisfy all the relatives out there…here are a few pictures of our boy who’s growing way too fast:

Big 6 Month Old!
He loves his Papa!

Sweet smile
I don’t know where this kid gets these expressions!

In his chair from Grandma!
Wearing his new big boy jammies!

Maternity Pictures

I mentioned last week that some good friends of ours, Kevin and Laura Thomas, were so kind as to take some maternity pictures for us.  Well, here’s some more of them!

If you like Kevin’s work, be sure to check him out on Facebook at Kevin Thomas Photography.  He’s incredibly talented (and, as I mentioned before, he and his wife make a great team).  If you’re looking for a photographer in the Conway/Little Rock area, be sure to check him out!

Maternity Pictures Sneak Peek!

This past Saturday our good friends Kevin and Laura Thomas came up from Conway to spend the day with us and do a maternity photo shoot.  Kevin has always been an amazing photographer, but now that he has his beautiful wife they’ve become an even more amazing team.  Stay tuned for more pictures, but for now here’s a sneak peek:

More Sweetness

Just because I missed out on these lovely pictures (we left too early), I thought I’d share them with you anyway.  And so, I present you my nieces…the two sweetest little girls ever.  Check out their story and just how far they’ve come!

Marie and Grandpa.

Sweet, sweet Jenny.

Aunt Tori and Jenny.

Grandpa and his little girl.

Look at that smile!


Sweet Jennifer and Grandma.

Yep, being an aunt just gets better-and-better. 🙂

Our Christmas Adventure

liAs I mentioned before, we spent our Christmas this past year in Arizona and California visiting my family.  And, as promised, I have pictures to show you!  So, without further ado…

We flew out to Arizona the day before Christmas Eve.  It’s always a little bittersweet going back to see my family.  I lived in Flagstaff for so long, it really was the only home I had ever known before moving to Arkansas.  It’s strange to go back to the same town, same street, same house, same family, same cozy smell that was my life day in and day out for the better part of twelve years.  It seems like everything should have just gone on as it always has.  But that’s not the way life works.

There are new buildings and new neighbors.  Businesses have changed hands and families have moved away.  Even my parents house changes (thanks to my parent’s updating a lot).  And everything, though so familiar, is not the same as it always was.  One of my sisters, now married and living far away with her husband and two daughters in North Dakota, was not there.  It’s not us four sisters talking about boys, quarreling and making up, or being silly together anymore.  And somehow, though every thing in Flagstaff is so dear to my heart and I love going back, it’s not home anymore.  That term is reserved for our snug house nestled in the hills of Arkansas. 
It reminds me of Little Women, a story we always related to growing up as four girls.  Beth laments the fact that someday everyone will grow up and move away, with lives of their own.  Little Amy says, “We all will grow up someday…we might as well know what we want.”  Yes, we all grow up.
But anyways, I digress.  When we arrived in Flagstaff, my mom, grandma, and two of my sisters were awaiting us with a warm supper and gifts galore.  It’s still strange not all being together for Christmas.
While opening presents, we had the wonderful opportunity of sharing with my parents the news about our little “bun in the oven”.  I wrote them all letters (a family tradition), and snuck into each of them a little hint about a baby.  Thinking that my very brainy parents would get it right away, I made the hints pretty subtle.  Well, they didn’t get it right away…but they did eventually.  Thankfully, we caught the whole charade on video! (Which I will share later).

The next morning we loaded up and headed out to southern California.  Andy had not made this somewhat boring drive before, but thankfully the long wait in a car full of too many girls was worth it.  Sunny California was just that…sunny and warm, and with the smog at a minimum.  We made it to my grandparents home about mid-afternoon.

Being with my grandparents (after much too long of a time apart), and especially being in their home, brought with it a flood of memories.  Everything was the same as it always had been.  I could almost have pulled out the office supplies, doctor toys, and instruments, and have thought that no time had passed at all.  I was still a child, with nary a care in the world.  It’s wonderful to be able to feel that way, with so many fond memories. 


That night we ate dinner at , long a favorite of my family.  Yes, we did eat Mexican food for dinner.  Can you tell where we’re from?


My wonderful grandparents…



Then it was time to hit the hay because the next day, Christmas Day, was DISNEYLAND!  Have I mentioned this was a very unconventional Christmas?  We did read the Christmas story, by the way, and everything was all about celebrating the gift of our family.  It was so nice!

My dear husband had never been so fortunate as to go to the “Happiest Place on Earth”.  He had no worries, though…my family had enough excitement for him.  Maybe we overwhelmed him? 😉

I had to sit out on a few of my favorite rides, because of the little one growing inside of me.  Let me tell you though, I didn’t mind a bit.  It was so worth it thinking about the reason why I couldn’t go on the rides.

This next picture comes with a story.  We decided to go on the classic Jungle Cruise, whose lines are particularly narrow and cramped .  Well, there was this couple behind us that smelled absolutely terrible.  I don’t know if it was some kind of strange perfume, but it was awful…and incredibly pervasive.  Everyone around us was holding their nose too.  Unfortunately, this same couple got on the same boat as us.  It was terrible.  And so, this picture…


Trying to not have bad faces from the smell…



Everything was still decorated for Christmas…it was beautiful.



As you’ll notice, Andy shaved his beard off the next morning.  Hence the bearded/beardless pictures.  (We had two-day passes to Disneyland and California Adventure.)



Did I mention that the weather was absolutely wonderful?  Sunny and a high of 70.  Yes ma’am!  Just thinking about that on this particularly blustery Arkansas day makes me warm inside!




Everyone else had the same idea as us, I guess…there were over 70,000 people there on Christmas Day!



We spent a full day in Arizona, just hanging around (and seeing Mission Impossible 4!).  And then it was back to Arkansas, one of my sisters in tow.  Overall, it was such a wonderful Christmas.  I only wish Natasha, Andrew, and the girls could have been there too!  I’m dreaming of the day when all the “cousins” will be together. 

For now, I have a cute Mickey Mouse and Lady & the Tramp sitting on our guestroom bed…waiting for the arrival of baby.  After all, it was there first Disneyland trip! 🙂