She’s Here!!!

I’m pleased to announce that Baby Girl Baker finally made her grand entrance into this world!

Nora Jane Baker was born 10/15/14 at 1:56 PM after a very crazy and intense birth.  8 lb, 1 oz.  20.5″ long.  Healthy as can be!  Hopefully I’ll have the chance to write out her birth story.  Until then, I’m home with my sweet little family, adjusting to life as a family of four.





Good News

Our follow up ultrasound was today and I’m very thankful to say baby girl was just fine and the enlarged brain ventricle is no longer enlarged!  Baby Baker was moving like crazy, as usual, and measuring 2 days ahead.  The ultrasound tech even let me see her in 3D for a minute.  

It’s a…

About a week late, but wanted to share with you that we had our anatomy scan and it’s a…

Or, if you don’t want to watch the whole video, just look at the candy color:

Yep, that’s right…its’ a sweet baby girl!!!  We’re excited, but still a little in shock.  We’re in such “boy mode” right now.
Here’s our sweet baby girl:
And her apparently enormous feet.  Not sure why, but I think she might be tall (if you know us in person, you’ll know why 😉 ):

Life: An Update

Today I realized that I’m 19 weeks pregnant, and the only thing I’ve posted on here about it is our pregnancy announcement and one other post.  It’s not that I don’t have things to talk about…life just keeps seeming to get in the way.

I’m a SAHM to one busy toddler, so how busy could I really be?  The problem is that “Stay at Home Mom” is only a job description…not an accurate picture of my daily life.

A year and a half ago, my husband and his father had the opportunity to buy the business that they had been running for a number of years.  That in and of itself was crazy.  Six months ago we had the opportunity to buy the counterpart retail store on the square of our little town as well.  Somehow, remodeling and revamping a 10,000 square foot retail space wasn’t enough…we decided to open a coffee shop AND a brick oven pizza place in part of the building as well.  Add to that the fact that my husband was taking 13 college credit hours this past semester, and you start to realize that he was really rarely ever home.  We hardly got to see him unless it was at the store, and we frequented it as often as we could.

Life was crazy, to say the least.  I felt like a single parent many days.  I even traveled on a plane alone all the way out to sunny California with my wiggling, active “lap child” toddler son because my husband was far too busy to go.  I missed having family time.  I missed getting to eat dinner together every night.  I missed my husband.

Yet, somehow we made it out and things have slowed down considerably.  Only now, I’m the one working.  My husband was needing help with some office work at the plant, and I’ve been working a few hours a day to help them catch up.  The rest of the day is pretty much a wash from my son being so thrown off his schedule.  Its rough, to say the least.

And did I mention that I’m really, REALLY trying to stay on top of my garden this year?  Yeah, life is full and crazy.  Yet, somehow amidst all this craziness little Baby Baker makes his or her presence known with near constant kicks and jabs.  I’m thankful for those little kicks.  They make me slow down and really sit and think.

So there you have it…a little snippet of my life right now.  Hopefully it won’t be too long before you hear from me again.  I’m not making any promises, though. 🙂

Exciting News…

No, I’m not preggo…but someone else is!  I’m going to be an aunt again!  Andy’s brother and his wife are expecting their first little one sometime in early Spring. 

In other news, Miles will have another Baker cousin.  Due to the very strange coincidence of my sister marrying a guy with the same first and last name as my hubby (no relation, though), all of Miles’ cousins have the last name Baker.  I sure hope my sisters and sister-in-laws get married soon and have babies, or Miles will be liable to think that everybody in the world has the same last name. 😛
Here’s a pic of the latest Baker baby:

We can’t wait to meet him/her!

Meet Charlie

We’ve added a new member to our growing menagerie.  Yes, right before we have a baby.  We’re smart, aren’t we? 😉

My husband has always wanted a Boxer.  It seemed like this would never become a reality.  Finally, though, I decided that if he was going to get one, he’d better get it now.  That way, he’ll have time to train it.  Plus, let’s face it, after baby comes we may never have the opportunity to get a Boxer again.

So, last week we adopted a seven-week-old Boxer puppy named Charlie. 


At first, Andy planned on naming him some big mean name, like “Zeus” or “Brutus”.  Somehow looking at this chill little puppy, Zeus just didn’t seem right.  And so, he got the name Charlie.


He’s such a cute little guy, he can’t help but steal your heart.  Plus, as my Mom says, “he’s got an old man’s face trapped on a puppy’s body”.


Already he and Sam have taken to each other…Sam’s a bit of a bully though.


As for the cat, she’s spying on him from every corner and perch…trying to figure out what he’s all about.  Charlie, on the other hand, is completely oblivious.


Yep, we’re crazy…but lovin’ every minute.