My freshman year of college, God took me on a journey, both figuratively and literally.  In a sheep field half a world away, His glorious, transforming light broke into my life.  For the first time, I realized that being a Christian wasn’t about being good all on my own.  Instead, it was about making Him not just first in my life but my whole life.  I asked Him to empty myself of me, and fill me instead with Him.  Since then, my life has been a series of events that God has used to push me out of my comfort zone and to mold me into the woman I am today.

Two years after I sat in that sheep field, The Life Not My Own began.  My writing here began while I was on the cusp of yet more change.  I was engaged to my now-husband, finishing up college, and preparing to move halfway across the country to a life and a culture that was completely new to me.  So much life and searching was poured out onto this blog.  Five years worth, to be precise.  The Life Not My Own is my child of sorts, shifting and morphing as I and my life changed.  But like all children, it had to grow up, and I was sensing the need to move on with a blank slate.

I thought about starting anew with a completely new blog.  After much consideration and prayer, however, I decided to just revamp this one.  The Life Not My Own has headlined my life for so long, and that process that started in that sheep field hasn’t finished.  It’s still at work in me…and He’s still at work in me.  I am uniquely me…exactly who He called me to be.  And yet, the less of me and the more of Him that reigns in my life, the closer I become to actually discovering who it is He intended me to be and how exactly He wants to work in and through me.

I am Caitlin M Baker.  Wife to my cowboy.  Mama to two precious little gifts.  Fledgling gardener.  Aspiring cook.  Compulsive Earl Grey drinker.  Lover of nature, sunny days, and a good book.  Imperfect woman saved by the precious, unfathomable gift of His Son, Jesus Christ.

May the words you find here ever be an expression of Him in me.


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