Before Baby Bucket List

Well, here I am at 38 weeks, 1 day and still no baby.  After all the trouble we had with preterm labor, a hospital stay, and a week and a half of bed rest, we were definitely expecting Baby Girl sometime last week.  So far, she’s still hanging out in there.

After my doctor’a appointment this past Thursday, my husband and I decided to make a little bucket list of sorts of things to do before the baby is born.  While we may be in a time of waiting, we know it’s for a reason, and we don’t want to waste it.
We’ve been adding to and adjusting the list as the days have gone on, depending on our mood.  Here are a few of the things we’ve done in the past five days:
*Watched Fiddler on the Roof with Miles  while Andy worked on his Jeep.

*Andy made some progress on his Jeep.  
*Got donuts for breakfast…definite treat right there!
*We took a drive on a road I’d been wanting to go on forever…with our bags in the car just in case. 😉
*Extended that drive on another road that I just love driving on. (I so wish I’d got pictures!)
*Ate dinner at a restaurant that holds a lot of memories for Andy as a child.
*Made it to church for the first time in weeks.
*Took Miles to a local pumpkin patch that opened up this year.  He loved it…and we did too.

*Went to a movie…technically we only made it to a movie at church (they were showing God’s Not Dead), but it was still nice!
*Had dinner with friends after the movie.  
I’ve also just been soaking up as much time with my boys (especially the soon-to-be big brother) as possible.  I’m having to go extra slow, but Miles and I have been enjoying going to the park, playing at home, and taking afternoon naps.  Andy and I have been enjoying getting to watch “Big People” movies and shows before bed at night.  
The introvert in me is also definitely coming out.  Before Miles was born, I didn’t really want to do too much except settle in at home and “nest”.  I know several people thought something was wrong, but it wasn’t.  It’s just how I prepare for everything that’s about to happen!
So, if I seem aloof or distant in the next few days or weeks until Baby Girl comes, don’t worry.  I’m not depressed and it’s not you…it’s just me and my introverted self. 😉
Anyway, a few other things we’ve talked about doing before baby comes are:
*Getting ice cream
*Maybe going to an actual movie theatre. 😉
*One last Jeep ride
*Concert at the Ozark Folk Center
*Smores on the back deck
*Work on the garden
*Drive down to the creek
*Tommy Q and rootbeer floats (for those of you who know what we ate the night before Miles made his swift arrival 😉 )

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