Joy and Poopy Diapers

“I can’t wait to change a poopy diaper again.”

We all laughed as she said it, her swelling belly revealing that that time would indeed be soon.  I let her words, and the meaning behind them, sink into my soul. 

I’d never heard any other expecting mother express eagerness to change a poopy diaper.  Yet, not every mother has experienced the loss of three precious babies.  This beautiful child that grows in her womb has been so prayed for, so desired…so wanted.  This miracle life within her abdomen was planned for…and fought for. 

To this sweet mama, poopy diapers represented a healthy, thriving baby in her arms.  She “can’t wait” to change this precious child’s dirty diapers because she aches every day for the sweet babes she never got to hold in her arms…the diapers she never got to change.  She has learned that every smelly, nasty diaper is a gift.

So many times in life we miss out on the little gifts that God has given.  We complain about dirty socks lying around, unexpected bills at the auto repair shop, and muddy footprints on our fresh-mopped floor.  We fail to recognize them as gifts because we fail to see what they stand for.  We forget that they represent a man to love, a car to drive, and sweet babes to snuggle.  We see the negative instead of the good.

My sweet friend’s words were an encouragement to me.  They spurred me on to dig deeper and look for those gifts that God has given us.  He has sent these gifts that we might have joy…but first we have to find them.        

“Every good and perfect gift is from above…”

~James 1:17~

2013.08 phone 1701

Some excerpts from my thankfulness journal:

16. Dogwoods in Spring.

38. For the smell of the Ozarks.

76. The sweet smell of my Miles.

78. Watching my son with his daddy.

118. Earthworms in my garden.

140. Diapers peeking out of onesies.

157. What hardback books look like under their jackets.

181. Dirty toes from the garden.

205. Reconciliation.

217. Wild roses popping up in my backyard.

240. Chubby little knees.

264. Laughter with friends.

276. Sleepy eyes glazing over.

315. Trees arching over roads.

364. New beginnings. 

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