Miles Love

I’ve talked a lot lately about how demanding being Miles’ mama can be.  But, lest you think that it’s all hard, I wanted to enlighten you into the neat parts of having a high-needs baby.  Here are some of the things I love about my beautiful baby boy:

1.) I love that he’s so curious.  Since he was born his big, blue eyes have constantly been taking in the world.  It’s really neat to see those wheels turning in his head.

2.) I love that I can take him just about anywhere with me.  I seriously have no fear of going grocery shopping now.  As long as I don’t forget my trusty Boba carrier, we’re good.  Miles just loves to be up snuggled next to mama, looking at people and things.  If he gets hungry, I nurse him.  Other than that, he doesn’t get fussy or anything.  (The one exception is restaurants, because he’s usually expected to either sit in his car seat or a high chair…and he hates that.)

3.) I love that he’s such a people person.  He seriously is afraid of no one.  Sometimes he just wants mama or papa, but he will go to almost anyone.  He especially loves other kids.  He could watch the older, rowdier boys play for hours.

4.) I love that he sleeps best snuggled next to me.  I know this is one of those mixed blessing things.  We’re currently trying to transition him to being full-time in his own bed, without much success.    But there’s definitely something neat about picking your screaming baby up out of his crib, laying down with him, and watching him immediately fall fast asleep in your arms.  That’s bliss, right there.

5.) I love that he loves the outdoors.  On Saturday, I put Miles in his stroller and rolled it down to my garden bed.  He literally sat there for 30 minutes “talking” to me and looking around, while I worked on moving some dirt.  He would never, ever do this inside the house.  This kid seriously loves being outside.  Being a bit of a nature junky myself, I love this about him.  Plus, it makes my garden plans for this summer seem doable, since I know he’ll be happy to sit out there and watch/help me.

6.) I love how cute he is.  Okay, this is definitely the prejudiced mama coming out, but I love when people say how adorable Miles is, go on-and-on about his big eyes, etc.  It fills my heart with such pride.

7.) I love that he forces me to focus on the simpler, quieter things in life.  Being a stay-at-home mom really is about the simple things that some would call mundane.  Yet, my life has never been so full or so busy.  I don’t sit on the couch eating bon-bons all day, but my long to-do list revolves around caring for my sweet Miles, taking care of our home, and making delicious, nutritious food for my guys.  Miles keeps me busy and on my toes.  Yet, I never doubt for one second that this is exactly where God has called me to be at this time.

I really do love my Miles.

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