A Return to One Thousand Gifts

It’s been a really long time.  Like almost a year.  But, I really want to get back into counting one thousand gifts!  So, I’m jumping back in. This week I’m thankful for:

301. Getting to spend my days with my sweet baby boy (who just so happens to be 7-months-old today!).  I’m seriously obsessed with him.
302. Watching the love my husband has for our son just grow and grow.
303. A man who spoils me rotten.  Like, way too much.
304. Internet at the house.  Finally! (One of the many ways my hubby spoils me.)
305. Each new sign that Spring is right around the corner.
306. Skype.  I love being able to chat with my family half a world away!
307. Earl Grey tea.  Ah, yes.
308. How many sunny days we’ve had this winter.  This Arizona girl is soaking it all up!
309. Having fires in the fireplaces to snuggle up by.
310. Each new day to spend with my two guys.

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