3 Months

Sunday before last (yes, I’m over a week behind) our sweet Miles turned 3 months old.  I am absolutely loving this stage.
Every day it seems like he gets less cranky and fussy.  The weekend before last we were able to visit our new nephew again, and ended up staying two nights in a hotel.  We realized how nice it was to not really have to worry about him crying much and disturbing people.  Generally, he is the happiest little guy!
IMG_1484Miles has been growing like a weed lately, and seems to get stronger and smarter every day.  Just a few weeks ago he started batting at toys, and now he’s gotten pretty good at grabbing things.  He also enjoys knocking over his playmat…probably more than playing with it!  Friday he finally rolled over from his belly to his back.  I thought it was an fluke at first, as he wouldn’t repeat it for me (Andy says he’s not a circus clown…he doesn’t perform).  But, he did it again at his Grandma’s house that night, and then again the next day.  He’s been really close to rolling himself over for awhile now, but he doesn’t really like tummy-time, so he usually just fusses.  Of course, since then the little bugger won’t perform for me.  I’m on my alert now, though, because I know he can!
I’m telling you, we’re in for it big time with this kid.  He gets so frustrated that he can’t just move and go wherever he wants yet.  Lately he’s taken to grabbing the side of his bed, swing, or car seat if he’s not strapped in yet and trying to flop out.  If we weren’t careful, he’d already have been on the ground many times.  Crazy nut!
People, this kid is also teething like crazy.  The weird part?  He’s trying to get his lower eye teeth in first (although he now has a bottom middle tooth competing to erupt first).  This kid can’t just go with the flow?  He’s been pretty cranky and fussy from it, and has all but lost his longer sleep stretch at night. 
Anyway, we’re learning so much about parenting…and taking everything one step at a time.  Oh, and loving every minute. 🙂

One thought on “3 Months

  1. He reminds me so much of my oldest (minus the teething part, he didn't get his first until 10 months!), who could army crawl/scoot across his blanket during tummy time at 9 weeks and took his first steps at 7 months. I foresee and early walker for you, Mama! He's such a cutie!

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