When God’s Plan Isn’t Yours

When Andy first told me the news, I was shocked.  Some of our best friends, the youth pastor and his wife at our church, were going to be moving to Prosper, Texas to plant a church.  In all honesty, it wasn’t a complete surprise.  In our heart-of-hearts we knew that God had been leading Joey and Syndal in a different direction for a long time.  When it actually became a reality, however, I was completely unprepared.

As I waited for Miles to arrive, I had done a lot of dreaming about the future.  I couldn’t wait for the days at the creek, with Miles playing with their kids.  I couldn’t wait to raise our children together and serve God together.  Miles even decided to come on their oldest’s birthday.

And then came the news that God was calling them elsewhere, and all those dreams of raising our kids and doing life together came crashing down.  Miles wasn’t even a month old yet.  As the news sunk in, I found myself upset.  Surely God couldn’t be calling them somewhere.  Surely they must be mistaken!  But I knew they weren’t.

And then I found myself a bit mad at God for taking them away.  Why would he send us such great friends, such powerful workers for His kingdom, only to take them away? 

I wanted to be happy for them.  I wanted to be excited about the amazing things God was using them to do.  Yet, all I could think about was what I wanted…what I would be missing when they left.

And then they invited us and a few other friends over to preview the video they made about what God was calling them to.  The music they used in the background was Phillip Phillip’s “Home”.  As usual, God spoke to me more through music than anything else.  I realized that that song fit perfectly in their situation.  This new adventure was no easier on them than it was on me!  No, I may not have chosen to have them move to Prosper, Texas.  But God did.

May I never let my own desires and dreams get in the way of someone else following God’s will.

And so, when we send them off next month, it will be with mixed emotions.  I want God’s best for their life, and I am so excited to see what He’s going to do through them!  Yet, I will most certainly miss them.  I will miss the card nights at their house, and the $5 Tommy’s pizzas we always ate together.  I will miss having their enthusiasm and joy filling up our church and our little town.  Yet, ultimately, I want God’s best…not mine.  I know that His plan is far better than I can ever imagine.  Yes, Prosper, Texas will be blessed indeed when one special family heads their way.

And, after all, Dallas is just a short plane ride away…and I know someone with passes.

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