Things Every Mommy (and Probably Only Mommies) Have Thought

If he wakes up again right as I drift off, I think I’m going to have a nervous breakdown.

Does this outfit work for nursing in public?

Items are now in my cart…I’m committed.  If he has a meltdown, would it be wrong to leave a cart full of food in the middle of the store?  Maybe if I find and empty aisle and no one is looking…

Did I take a shower yesterday?  The day before?  Oh boy…I must reek.

Why are there no carts in the cart bins outside?  Don’t they know that they need to leave a few out here for us baby mama’s who are already on a mad dash to get groceries before our baby wakes up?!

I wonder if these people will give me dirty looks if they realize I’m nursing him.  You never know who’s offended by nursing covers…

Uh, did I remember to put new nursing pads in?  I hope so, ‘cause this could be embarrassing.

Did I feed baby in the night?  I only have a vague memory of him crying.  Maybe I’m starting to get on auto-pilot.

PPPLLLEEAASSEEE go back to sleep!

How can I be frustrated that he wants to be awake at 2 a.m. when he gives me that sweet little smile? My mommy heart just melted. 

One thought on “Things Every Mommy (and Probably Only Mommies) Have Thought

  1. Hey Girl, Spent a few moments today reading your new mommy posts!! All I can so is I SO relate!! So glad to know I'm not alone!! Our baby is 8 weeks this Sunday…time is flying by. What an amazing journey we are on! Enjoy your Friday 🙂

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