Yep, still waiting.

Monday at the doctor’s I was finally dilated to about 1 cm.  So, I guess all these weeks of prodromal labor haven’t been for naught!  For a while, I felt like I would be pregnant forever.  You know, I would just keep having contractions and baby would never come.  Honestly, I don’t think my doctor even believed that I was having contractions as frequently as I said I was.  Monday, though, when then nurse practitioner went to check Baby B’s heartbeat, she asked me if I was having a contraction because my belly was pretty tight.  After a bit it loosened up, and she was pretty sure I had had one.  Only thing is, I didn’t feel a thing.

Apparently this surprised her enough to put me on the fetal monitor for a bit, and, sure enough, I was having frequent, albeit varying and sporadic, contractions!  Baby didn’t seem to be showing any signs of distress, though, even when I had a really long hard contraction.  He was bouncing all over while I lounged in a big, comfy recliner, drinking a Mountain Dew they gave me to wake Baby B up.  How many times in your life do you get to do that at a doctor’s office?

The other good news is that he’s all down in position!  His head is wedged down as far as it can go, which is pretty remarkable since he’s still kicking me in the ribs.  Yeah, in case you had any doubts about this baby being tall!  The nurse practitioner thought it could be any day now.  My doctor doesn’t get back until Monday, but at this point I really don’t care that much.  I am ready!  

So, anyway, here I am…waiting for baby to come.  All my out-of-the-house work has pretty much ended since I had to train someone to fill my place, so I’m finding some pretty boring days on my hands.  If it wasn’t so stinking hot outside, or if we lived anywhere remotely close to a mall, I’d probably be walking all the time.  Here I am, though, stuck in the middle of cow country during one of the hottest summers on record.  Thank the Lord for air conditioning.  In my house at least.

I have learned something very important about myself: I don’t just “chill” very well.  I thought I would enjoy these last few days, having the free time to relax, watch the Olympics, or read a good book.  Really, though, sitting on the couch just makes me feel like I’m sick.  I don’t like being sick.  Therefore, lounging on the couch is not working for me.  Also, you can only clean your house so many times.  Last week I even vacuumed the walls in our bedroom.  I think it was more out of sheer boredom than compulsive nesting.

So, anyway, hopefully the next time you hear from me it will be with a birth announcement.  That, or another whiny post about waiting.  Oh, but scratch that…in all my bored free time I’ve been contemplating some pretty deep things about life and God.  So, be looking for a post tomorrow that is totally, mind-bogglingly philosophical.  If you don’t find it thus, please disregard it as the random ramblings of a emotional pregnant woman, two days away from her due date.


One thought on “Um…Waiting?

  1. Thinking of you, Caitlin, as you eagerly await the arrival of your little one! May your heart be encouraged by the Lord in ways noone else can during this time. Cherish these days with Andy before very busy and sleepless days come…sometimes I actually miss being pregnant :-), but it is so wonderful and good to have child in arms.

    Looking forward to hearing the birth announcement! 🙂

    God bless you!

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