36 Week Confessions

Baby B is so close to being here…I can hardly believe it!  It’s hard to believe that in a few short weeks (or less…eek!), we’ll be holding our little one in our arms.  Being at 36 weeks, however, I have a few confessions to make:

Confession: I’ve been really lax on my whole “working out and eating good” plan the past few weeks.  I keep blaming Andy for not bringing the elliptical back in (it got relegated to the carport when we put carpet in a few weeks back), but honestly I’ve just been tired.  And very unmotivated.

Confession: I’ve been using my having a hard time gaining weight and measuring small as an excuse to pretty much be a pig.  Not exactly the best way to put on weight, I know.

Confession: I’ve been melting a small amount of dark chocolate, stirring in honey and peanut butter, and then eating it…plain.  Those things are all healthy, right?

Confession: I’ve also been drinking sugary sodas on occasion.  I’m not a big soda or sugar person, so I don’t know where this bad habit came from.  It’s definitely got to stop. 

Confession: I’ve kind of been using being pregnant as an excuse to sleep a tad later during the week.  Hey, it’s a good reason.

Confession: As much as I really do love being pregnant, I’m ready to be done.  I’m ready to stop waddling and be done with rib pain.  I’m ready to be able to hike and be active again.  I’m ready to stop having people tell me I shouldn’t lift a milk jug.  Oh, and I’m so ready for our little man to be here!

4 thoughts on “36 Week Confessions

  1. Girl ENJOY it now while you can! 😉 Well actually I'm still eating pretty much whatever I want but let's face it, you have to RECOVER from childbirth too ya know 😉 And you're so close!! He'll be here before you know it!

  2. Ahh…I'm sure it's fine for you just to relax and rest for these last few weeks. As everyone keeps telling me, you'll be super busy after he arrives!

    Also- totally know what you mean about not lifting a milk jug. It's so annoying isn't it? When people say it I'm just thinking yesterday I was on my hands and knees manically scrubbing my house and I'm fine, I think I can manage this small stack of papers!

  3. I do the same thing! (Um, do they know I just dug up a bunch of potatoes yesterday?) Not that I'm not trying to be careful, but some of the things people say are just ridiculous!

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