Another Baby Goods Update!

It doesn’t seem possible that I have less than two weeks until I’m considered full term!  I know that most babies from first time moms don’t arrive until 41 weeks on average.  Being the serious planner that I am, however, I want to have as much as possible ready before 37 weeks arrives.
A couple of weekends ago was my baby shower, which was a huge blessing.  Not only were my mom and one of my sisters able to come out for it, but we also are pretty much all set now for Baby B to arrive!  Here’s an update based on my original “wants and needs” list:


-Crib and mattress-All set up and ready to go!  Of course, Baby B won’t be sleeping in there at first anyway.

-Bedding and blankets-We have had plenty of blankets given to us!  I also bought a pack of receiving blankets the other day, since we hadn’t “received” any…hehe!  I was actually able to get a five pack for $3 that hadn’t been used.  One of the blankets has a slight hole in it, so it was majorly discounted.  Yay!  We still don’t have any fitted sheets, but, again, we can wait on those a bit.

-Rocker or glider-My mother-in-law bought us one back in May!  So far, I’m really happy with it.  I love to sit in it!  Here it is, along with a blanket that Aunt Anna made for Baby Baker:


-Stroller-My mom bought us the jogger we wanted, so we’re all ready to go. 

-Car seat-My mom also bought us the matching car seat.  It’s already installed in my car (yeah, I told you I like to be prepared).

-Clothes and supplies-I think we have a good amount of clothes to start off with now!  I washed and sorted all of the clothes.  I may be slightly OCD about this nesting thing.

One highlight were this really cute bomber jacket from my parents (my dad was a fighter pilot in his younger days, so this has special significance…)


-Some kind of carrier or Moby Wrap-Still waiting on an Ergo, but my mother-in-law got me a Moby Wrap.  I’m so excited!

-A baby gate-We got one for the top of our stairs.  It’s more for our puppy than anything right now though. 

-A few bottles and a pump (for the days when I need to be away from our baby briefly)-I only have a few bottles, and a friend gave me her old pump.  So, I may need more later.  We’ll see.

-Play pen-All ready to go!

-Swing-The swing is all set up and ready to go as well!

-Baby bath (this really is almost a need…I’m not comfortable washing our newborn in the kitchen sink!)-We got a few duplicates at the shower, so I was able to exchange them for a few things, this being one of them.

Some things we might want but don’t really “have-to-have”:

-Monitor-We still don’t have one, but I’m very interested in the Angelcare sound and movement monitor!

-Bouncer or walker-I bought a barely-used walker from a friend of mine. 

-Extra toys (I’m sure we’ll get plenty from friends/family, and we’re not into electronic gadgets)-A friend of mine gave me a few toys, so I think we have a start. 

What I’ve Added To Our List:

-Boppy Pillow-I bought one. 🙂

-Diaper Bag-I used the returns to get a diaper bag too.  Just a plain one that my husband would be comfortable carrying. 

-Bumpo Seat and/or high chair-We got a Bumpo and play tray at the shower.  Still not sure about a high chair!

-Diaper Pail-I plan on buying one in the next few weeks, but I’m still doing my research. 

-Changing Table/Dresser Combo-We bought one that hadn’t been used from someone in town.  Andy’s got to fix one piece, but so far I’m loving it!  We got the baskets for it at Walmart. 🙂

-Nursing pads, cover, supplies, etc.-I have a few nursing pads, a cover, and a nursing bra. 

-Curtains (or fabric to make them) for the baby’s room-My mom helped me make some, as well as a matching changing pad cover, when she was here for the shower.  I’ll share some pictures of the nursery soon!

So, what do you think?  Any last minute ideas/suggestions?

2 thoughts on “Another Baby Goods Update!

  1. I'm super impressed! I wasn't as fully prepared when my baby was born 2 weeks ago! I have a Moby wrap too but I don't know how to use it yet hahahaha Oh but I did wanna say that we have a diaper genie and it works GREAT! Super easy to use and there's so smell! I love it 😉

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