Growing a Baby

I had another doctor’s appointment this week.  Again, I measured small (this time barely 31, and I’m 34 weeks).  Again, I had an ultrasound, and again, Baby B measured just fine.  The sonogram estimated him to already be over 5 pounds! 

And so I’ve come to realize that growing a baby inside of you isn’t once size fits all.  Every woman, and every baby, doesn’t fit inside a specific box.  It just doesn’t work that way!  I’m tall and thin, and my baby is just inside of me more.  (That would probably explain my intensely sore ribs…hah!). 

So anyway, as much as I liked those five minute appointments where everything was fine and I fit inside the “box”, I’m learning that not having those appointments isn’t a big deal.  I’m thankful for more opportunities to see my baby boy, and confirm that he’s healthy.  I’m thankful that I just have a few more short weeks and he’ll be here.  Most of all, I’m thankful for a God who is skillfully knitting him and growing him in my womb.

Somewhere along the way, I forgot just who God is and who He created me to be.  I forgot that he made my body perfectly able to carry and birth a baby.  I forgot that He gave my baby everything it needed to grow a healthy baby.  I about the miracle of it all.  In all this hassle, I’m starting to remember.  I’m remembering that it doesn’t really matter what centimeters I measure.  I’m remembering that my body knows how big to get for Baby B. 

And in the end, it’s all worth it after all.

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