The What Ifs

There are days when I’m completely overwhelmed by all the “what ifs” in life.  I like having a plan and a certainty.  I like having a secure and unwavering future to look to.

Yet, life isn’t always like that.  Rarely is it like that.  Our best laid plans crumble and fall, and worry begins to seep in…eating away at our happiness and our joy. 

The truth is, however, that we as Christians do have a hopeful and secure future to look forward to, both in this life and in heaven.  God doesn’t promise that we’ll succeed in everything we do, or that life won’t be hard.  He doesn’t promise that we’ll be wealthy or even financially “secure”.  What He does promise is that He’ll always provide for us.  Over-and-over He tells us not to worry.  He has a plan.  He’s got our back.  We won’t starve as long as we trust in Him.

Today, I take comfort in that thought as I learn to wholeheartedly trust in Him by laying down all my worries and fears at His feet.  I learn to let go of those things I cling to the most.  I learn that His way is far better than my best laid plans. 

Today, I learn what faith is.

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