Why It’s Already Father’s Day

For Mother’s Day this year, I was a little surprised by people’s comments to me…being that I was pregnant.  About half of the people I saw said “Happy Mother’s Day”, and went on about how wonderful that it was my first mother’s day.  The other half made comments to the affect of “next year you’ll get to celebrate too”.
Frankly, it surprised me a little bit that they didn’t think I got to celebrate this year.  Apparently carrying a living, breathing child in your womb for nine months doesn’t quite make you a mother.  Thankfully, no one I’m terribly close to was of this opinion, or I would have been a bit offended.  My sweet man got me a card, flowers, and a very nice gift (from him and Baby B, of course), and my mom sent me a very nice card and gift…the same she sent to my sister whose girls were born in November.  My sisters were even sweet and sent me cards!

Now that Father’s Day has rolled around, I’m interested to see what the comments to Andy will be.  No, he’s not carrying our sweet boy around with him, but does that make him any less of a father…or this any less of his first Father’s Day?  Here are the reasons I’m celebrating my man today—and all the reasons he’s already the #1 dad:

Andy already works incredibly hard to support and provide for me and Baby B.  Lately he’s got even more careful about money and saving…all for our sweet little guy and me.

The majority of his days are spent preparing and thinking of Baby B.  Andy has a house reno list a mile long.  Somehow, his priorities have all become centered around a little bundle due to arrive in early August. 🙂 Top on his list is finishing the nursery.  Also, we’re carpeting our bedroom and the family room…all so little Baby B will have something soft to fall on.

He sacrifices so much for Baby B.  Andy’s already given up a lot for this baby.  He’s even selling his truck.  Trust me, if you knew him, that’s a really big deal.  Most of the time nowadays he’d rather plunk down money on something for the baby instead of something for himself.

He’s so excited and thankful for this little blessing.  I’m daily amazed by how joyful Andy is about this upcoming arrival.  He is so stinkin’ excited! 

He sees this baby as a blessing. One of Andy’s biggest goals when Baby Baker makes his arrival is to see him as a blessing instead of a burden.  It’s something he’s passionate about, and I’m right there with him.

He already loves this baby more than life itself.  It’s interesting to me how much you can love someone you’ve never even met.  In many ways, I have more of a connection to the baby because I’m carrying him around in me.  I feel is kicks constantly, and my belly swells and this little life grows.  Andy’s never had that experience…and yet he loves Baby B.  Like, incredibly much.  I know because he tells the baby so a lot. 🙂 I know he’d lay his own life down for this baby in a heartbeat.  To him, he’s already his baby…his son.  And, to me, he’s already a father.

Happy 1st Father’s Day to the greatest dad in the world…my husband.

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