A Quick AZ Trip…31 Weeks Pregnant

So this past weekend we took a little vacation and jetted out to Arizona to see my family.  My sister was graduating from high school, an old friend was getting married, and my other sister and my nieces were also going to be in town.  So, in a nutshell, it was perfect.

The only thing a little crazy was I was 31 weeks pregnant.  Some people thought I was insane…others thought it was no big deal.  My doctor happened to be in the later group so, with a warning about blood clots and stretching my legs every couple hours, we went. 🙂

Really, though, it wasn’t that bad.  My back ached the same there as it does at home.  So, no sweat, right?

Anyway, we flew out Friday and that night my baby sister graduated from high school.  I am SO proud of her, but also wondering how on earth she could be that old.  I mean, seriously?!  This summer she’s spending two months in the wilds of Borneo with no phone, no internet, and no toilet.  How many 18-year-old girls do you know who want to do that?  All I can say is, I’m impressed.

Here is a picture of this crazy adventurer (she’s on the left):

The next day we all drove up the hill to good ol’ Flagstaff (the graduation was in Phoenix), just in time for a wedding.  This boy I’ve known forever and practically grew up with was getting married.  He’s an amazing example of what it means to live set-apart, and to wait for the right one.  He’s one of the few (very few) young men that I can honestly say will make a great husband.  So happy for them!

It also turned out to be a great day for a wedding.  Hello sunny and no humidity…I missed you!

Here’s the motley crew (as a side note, I was still recovering from being sick…hence my red nose):

I have really attractive parents, if I do say so myself.

The “men”.

And here you can really see my big, pregnant self.

This handsome man is going to make the best father ever.

Anyway, the next day was church, and then we kind of just hung around and watched a movie.  Really, though, we were waiting for my sister and the two cutest girls ever to arrive.  Finally, they did.

As you can see, Aunt Caitlin was smitten…again.  Here’s sweet little Jennifer!

Aunt Hilary and sweet Marie.
Would you believe that this was the first time all four of us sisters had been together at one time in two years?


I love these little girls so much!  Can’t believe they’re seven months old already!!!

Anyway, we spent the next two days shopping for baby clothes and used children’s books, and just relaxing.  It’s been awhile since we had nothing to do…so we seriously enjoyed it.  I only wish we could have stayed a little longer.

I truly am blessed.

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