Preparing for Baby: A Peek in the Nursery

Up until recently, the room that will be our sweet baby boy’s nursery looked more like a storage room.  It had been a guest room before we found out that Baby B was coming, so it still had a queen sized guest bed in it.  In addition to all the baby things we started piling in there, it was beginning to look…messy.

So, last night, Andy moved the guest bed into our third bedroom, and put together the crib and glider (oh, yes, thanks to Andy’s parents, we now have a wonderful glider!).

Here’s the guest bed in the other bedroom.  We still have a lot of work to do in there, and that color definitely doesn’t work…but it will work for now!


And here’s Andy putting together the crib.  (It’s the Somerset collection from Target in espresso.)

There it is!  We don’t have a fitted sheet for it yet…but we did have a mattress pad, so I put that on. 🙂
Next it was on to the glider…(which was also a Target find)…
And the completed work!  It’s a little hard, but not any harder than a wooden rocker would be.  Plus, it fits us very nicely (we’re tall and were having a hard time finding a taller glider/rocker).
Then, this morning I finished cleaning everything up and organizing it.  Bear in mind that most of this won’t be in here eventually.  The pack ‘n play, and probably the swing, will be in the living room.  The rock ‘n play sleeper will be in our room, and the glider may get moved to either our room or the living room.  We’ll see!
The pack ‘n play has become the temporary holding place for all of Baby B’s clothes…we hope to get a changing table/dresser combo soon! 
The start of our children’s book collection…there’s more there than it appears.
I also moved our “wall of diapers” into the closet.  I am so thankful for this huge closet to store stuff in!  The walker (which conveniently folds up) was one I got from a friend who had barely used it.  I figured we won’t be needing it for awhile anyway!
Think I have enough space?  (Diaper stack is around the corner…hehe).
Our sweet little man’s crib…with a few select stuffed animals and a sleep sack. 🙂
And the blanket that Mommy (me!) made for him…
Basically the biggest things we have left to do is finish the trim around the window, fix and “plug” all the plugs, and add any extra touches.  We are planning on doing a theme…but it’s going to be a surprise for now.  We want to do something unique, and although the “jungle” theme is really cute…a lot of our friends are already using it. 😦  So anyway, we have something up our sleeve…you’ll just have to wait and see!  I will say that most everything is green (hence, the wall), chocolate brown, and cream colored. 

So what do you think?  Suggestions?  All the baby stuff is still relatively new to us, so we’d appreciate your input!

4 thoughts on “Preparing for Baby: A Peek in the Nursery

  1. I have the same pack n' play and rock n' play! You're way more prepared than when I had Gideon already! I never got to the nursery till he was a couple months old 😀

  2. I guess we're so intent on finishing the nursery because the rest of the house is a train wreck right now. It's nice to have something at least close to being done!

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