How We Celebrate Two Years

For our first anniversary, Andy and I jetted down to Florida and went on a cruise.  It was amazing and fun, and we’d love to do another one.  This year, however, time, house issues, money, and, oh yeah, a baby on the way, kept us from a big anniversary trip.  Instead, we were able to steal away for a short weekend in Branson.

Andy booked us in the Wildnerness cabins at Silver Dollar City, and we loved it.  Our cabin was so cute!


The first night we grilled hot dogs and enjoyed the lovely weather outside.
The next morning Andy went off this tower on a zipline:


It was crazy, but looked really fun.  Unfortunately, they wouldn’t let me do it in my condition. 😉  We’ll just have to come back, I guess!

I did go to the top of the tower, though.  It overlooks the Roark Valley and the setting for The Shepherd of the Hills, one of my most favorite books ever.  Here you can see the bald that figures so prominently in the story.  Oh yeah, and the lines that Andy “zipped” down.   



We were also able to meet up with Andy’s brother and his wife.  Have I told you they’re expecting too?  Yep, there’s going to be little cousins just two months apart…and they’re having a boy too!  I’m a bit worried about what kind of trouble these two baby boy Bakers are going to get into!

And on that note…I’m 29 weeks!  Here’s a picture of my bloated belly, oh, I mean baby bump:


I’m so thankful for two wonderful years with my best friend!


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