Entering the Last Leg!

Today, Baby Baker is 28 weeks.  Hooray for the last trimester!  In honor of this, I thought I’d gift you all with a picture of my ever-growing belly…

For reference, here’s 23 weeks…same shirt.

And 21 weeks…same shirt again.

And 19 weeks…not the same shirt. 🙂

And here’s 11 weeks.  No, that pooch was not there before Baby B (sometimes it’s hard to remember how skinny I was!).

So, anyway, now that you’ve had more pictures of my stomach than you ever wanted, here’s an update on how me and Baby B are doing!

My little man seems to be growing by the minute.  Oh, and moving by the minute.  He is quite literally always going!  Andy has taken to asking me, “What is that?  What is he doing?!”  whenever his mini-me  does some strange move against his hand…like raking something (foot?  hand?  behind?)  across my belly.

I’m amazed how strong the kid is.  I mean, he weighs all of, what, 3 lbs…maybe?  Yet, he can push against my belly like nobody’s business.  He especially likes to whack me in the ribs during church.  The little rascal!

He’s been doing good, though, other than that.  My next doctor’s appointment is Monday, so I’ll let you know how much he’s grown then!

As for me, I think the third trimester came early.  The second trimester was great and I felt AWESOME!  People kept asking me how I was feeling, and I told them the truth…good.  

Then, a week or two ago, I noticed I started getting a lot more tired.  We were gone at a trade show for two weeks, and when I came back doing laundry seemed like climbing a mountain.  Squatting down to pull clothes out of the dryer got me out of breath (not to mention it’s a lot harder carrying a watermelon on your stomach).  Sheesh!

Since then, I’ve just had to take things a tad slower.  Sometimes it’s hard to realize that, when you’re 28 weeks pregnant, you can’t run up the stairs at work two-by-two anymore.  And you can’t work from getting up until going to bed without resting in between.  And, sometimes, you can’t make that fancy meal because you’re just too stinkin’ tired!

I’ve tried to still be consistent about working out, mostly because I feel so much better when I do.  Also, I’m pretty determined to do everything I can to deliver our baby naturally…and I know that being in shape helps a ton.  My back has been bothering me a bit lately too, so working out (especially back-strengthening exercises) has really helped a lot.  My iron was low again at the last appointment, so I’ve really amped up my nutrition as of late too.

Finally, I have this rather annoying problem.  I’m getting more-and-more uncomfortable at night and I really want to sleep on my back.  Only, I know I’m not supposed to.  Seriously, though, it feels so much better!  Hmmm…I guess that’s something I’ll have to ask the doctor on Monday.

So, anyway, that’s life for pregnant me.  I’m adjusting to the “new normal”, as my mom would say.  But you know what?  I really am loving it.  My husband and I are so excited about this little guy, and can’t wait until he gets here.  Until then, we’re finishing up some things on the house and enjoying watching him grow!

One thought on “Entering the Last Leg!

  1. I've been wondering when I'll start feeling tired and more pregnant! At the moment I feel totally fine – just like you were!
    Hopefully I'll have another few weeks before the tiredness strikes 🙂

    Glad you're having a smooth time of it. So exciting!

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