Puppy Kisses

I didn’t get around to counting up my one thousand gifts yesterday.  I haven’t gotten around to it a lot lately, sad to say.  Our life has just been so busy!  I keep thinking it will slow down, but it doesn’t.

And then, if busyness wasn’t enough, there’s all the ruts and bumps that keep seeming to crop up on this road called life.  Things don’t turn out as expected.  Unexpected bills keep cropping up.  A fellow Christian lets you down, and the wound cuts deep.  Sometimes it can even be as simple as your A/C going out in 90 degree weather…when you’re 27 weeks pregnant and already sweating like a race horse.

It’s so easy to get frustrated…so easy to let these things get me down.  But then I’m reminded of those little gifts…those things I’ve been “too busy” to count.

Like the sweet faces who are so happy to see me when I get home.  And who love to give me kisses…no matter what.

Or getting to ride down to the creek with my man in our awesome CJ 7 Jeep.

Or getting new pictures of the most beautiful little girls in the world.

Or watching the first hummingbird of the year light on my feeder.

Or watching my seeds sprout and grow.

Or getting to hold a sweet baby at church.

Or savoring a bright pink sunset ending a sunny day.

Oh, and there’s this little guy…

…who kicks harder and stronger every day.  Whom I already love with a love so fierce I can hardly breathe sometimes.  Whom I would do anything for.

Despite all the bumps in the road, my life truly is blessed.  All I have to do is learn to look up from the road and see the beauty before my very eyes.

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