One Thousand Gifts:

Sometimes I have to do things I don’t really want to do.  Sometimes I have things coming up that I dread.  And yet, I can’t avoid them.  I must press on.  The challenge is in finding the good in these things…embracing them.

Every situation is for a reason.  Through hard or difficult things, or things we just don’t want to do, we learn things.  We grow stronger.  That is a gift in itself.

291. Situations and tasks that make me stronger.
292. The opportunity to find joy in everything.
293. A short break to soak up some Vitamin D, after being stuck in a building all day.
294. A baby boy who’s kicking me night-and-day, and making me smile almost every minute.
295. The most comfy maternity jeans ever.
296. Minimal discomforts from pregnancy…just an achy back!
297. Warm baths to sooth that aching back. 🙂
298. Mango iced tea at Chilis. Yum!
299. Getting to wear the cutest shoes I found at a consignment store…and being pleasantly surprised that they are very comfortable!
300. Having people quickly notice that I’m pregnant.  It’s so fun!

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