Dear Baby Boy (About Your Daddy),

In about sixteen more weeks we’ll have you in our arms…and we can’t wait.  Especially your daddy.  He’s been planning and working like crazy to get everything ready for your arrival. 

At first, he thought he wanted a little girl.  Once you came on the screen, however, and we were told you were a little boy, all that changed.  Now, it’s all cowboys and pirates, “manly” diaper bags and Carhartt jackets.  He’s so excited to have a son, and to get to teach you how to be a man. 

One of his favorite things to do is feel you move.  When you kick his hand, he gets the biggest smile on his face!  Almost every day he’ll point to my belly and ask what it is.  I tell him it’s his baby.  Then he points to me and asks the same question.  I tell him it’s his other baby.  He feels so blessed and lucky to have two babies…and for one of them to be his son!

The other day he kissed my belly and said that he loved his little boy with all his heart.  And I know he really means it. 

I can’t wait for you to get to meet him, little one!  He is the a far better husband than I could ever have dreamed of…and I know he’s going to be a far better dad than anyone could dream.  He knows that, above preparing our home and finances for you, he needs to prepare his heart.  He’s fully prepared for the work and lack of sleep you’ll bring, and he’s not afraid of it.  He knows that you are a precious gift, and he already treasures you beyond any riches.  His ultimate goal is to raise you up in the fear and knowledge of God, and to see you become a strong arrow for Christ. 
So, until August, little one, we wait patiently.  We delight in watching my belly grow and change shape, in hearing your strong heartbeat, and in feeling your kicks get harder and harder.  Know that your daddy can’t wait to meet you, and that he is so, so thankful for your life!


Your Mommy

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