Stay-at-Home Mom: An Introduction

Come August (or late-July, if my little man decides to come early), I’ll be taking a big step and making the transition into being a stay-at-home mom.  This is not a decision we or without much thought, but it is something we always knew we’d do.  From the very beginning we planned and saved and worked under the assumption that, whenever the Lord blessed us with a child, I’d stay at home with him or her.

I’ve been thinking a lot about our decision, especially with our little boy’s arrival getting ever closer.  I know it’s not a common, or even popular, decision in today’s society.  Even in our conservative Baptist church where babies abound, the number of working moms drastically outnumbers the number of stay-at-home moms.  I meet far too many women who think that staying-at-home with their kids wouldn’t be possible for their family, or that they’d be bored.  And then there are the girls who haven’t made the decision yet.  Maybe they’re expecting their first baby, or just planning to start a family, and the decision still remains unmade in their hearts and minds. 

With that in mind, I’m starting a blog series all about stay-at-home moms.  Obviously, I’m not a SAHM yet, so I’m on this journey with you.  Each week, I hope to share with you a little more about moms who stay at home and how they make it work.  There will be advice on how to make it work financially, dealing with criticism, and time management.  Also, I hope to share with you some interviews with real stay-at-home moms.  My sweet husband has even agreed to give you a guy’s perspective on everything!

Will you take this journey with me?        

Since I’m not a SAHM quite yet, I also need your help.  Are you a stay-at-home mom or planning to be one someday?  Do you have any comments or advice?  Would you be willing to answer a few questions for one of our Q&As?  Do you have any questions about being a SAHM?  Email me at , or just comment here if you’d rather.   

Finally, as a note, my goal in this series is not to belittle or criticize working moms.  I understand that being a SAHM is not always feasible, or that many women were simply not raised to want to be one.  In fact, many of my friends are working moms themselves.  If you’re a working mom yourself, my purpose is not to make you feel bad or judge you in anyway.  I only want to show you that there is a another wayAll I ask is that you keep an open mind, and let God speak to your heart about what His plan is for you and your family specifically.   

Thank you for going on this journey with me…I’m excited to see where God will take us!

Check back tomorrow for Part I of the series, “My Story”.

3 thoughts on “Stay-at-Home Mom: An Introduction

  1. Hi. Just found your wonderful site. I am a SAHM. I was on active duty in the Army for 10 years, transitioned to the Army Reserve, then started having kids (6). It was a hard transition. Going from “somebody” to “nobody”. Well, not really. I read this book by Brenda Hunter, Home by Choice. I don't know if you can still get a copy. Very encouraging.

    You go girl.

    That first year with that baby will go sooooo fast. You won't want someone else to be there for all the “firsts”. I missed my first daughter's first steps when I was away with the Army.

  2. I work from home with my husband and we take care of our toddler. He coaches people online how to work from home for next to nothing, training them how to up-sell products for profit (through Work Online Academy). We stay home because we love it and want to give an opportunity for others to do the same if that is there dream. I just like to be home, and my husband is also a volunteer chaplain, so we can be sort of flexible.

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