18 More Weeks to Go!

I realized yesterday that our baby boy is really taking over my life.  I’ve completely forgotten about the riding boots I coveted all winter, and instead am obsessed with finding diaper deals and picking out baby things.  Here’s our growing wall of diapers…plus some books and other items for Baby Baker:


Crazy, I know.  And, yes, you just might be able to see trainers in there.  I know that’s way down the road, but they were on sale!  Thankfully I do have a whole walk-in closet in Baby’s room to put this stuff in…it’s just not carpeted yet.  For now, it’s just getting stacked higher-and-higher. 

As I mentioned, Tuesday night my husband was nice enough to drive me up to the Rhea Lana’s consignment sale in Mountain Home.  I had heard good things about these sales, and was really excited.  In particular, I wanted to see if they had any play pens, swings, bouncers, or larger toys.  We couldn’t believe how pricey these things were in the stores!

So, anyway, we were able to go to the Expectant Mom’s presale.  I’m glad we did, because the big items were almost gone after we’d been there about 20 min.  No joke!   

We snagged this Pack ‘N Play for $32.  No scratches, tears, or stains, and all the parts were there.  There was one that was a bit cuter (chocolate brown and green…our nursery colors), but this one was in better shape.  So…we decided that this one was cute enough.

In the end, although there were lots of swings and bouncers, we decided to wait on them.  There was one swing that caught my eye (again, chocolate brown and green), but another preggo lady snagged it right before I could.  I guess it wasn’t meant to be!  Although, I will admit, a competitive side was coming out in me I’ve never seen. (Me?  Competitive?).  Suffice it to say, I was glad to be one of the only pregnant ladies with a husband in tow…a very tall husband who wasn’t afraid to reach in and snag a few things. hah!

There were also a lot of nice car seats and strollers, but we passed on those.  Those are one of the few things I really want to buy new, as we’ll be using them awhile (and my baby’s safety is the concern!).  Also, we have some family members who will probably want to get those for us.

We weren’t planning on spending too much on clothes, just because we know we’ll be getting a ton as gifts and hand-me-downs.  But, of course, we couldn’t help ourselves.  This is what we got:

Cute little overalls!  What little boy doesn’t need those?
For Fall and Winter…

Cute little outfit.  I discovered when I got this home that these are actually two different brands.  They go good together, though! 

Baby’s first flannel.  I don’t know why I like this so much…I guess because it’s outdoorsy. 🙂
And for the two grandpas.  Not sure exactly which one this relates to.  It’s more Andy’s dad’s style, but he has yet to decide on what he’ll “go by” (this is his first grandbaby!).  My dad is already “Grandpa” to my little nieces, so if all else fails this will be his. 🙂
Isn’t this set of onesies adorable for a baby boy? 
These will definitely be used a lot…:)
Andy has a pair of shoes just like this, so we’re already envisioning cute pictures.  And guess what?  These are real Converse…and I snagged them for $3.  There’s a little stain on one of the laces, but not bad other than that!
And last-but-not-least, something we just couldn’t pass up…

I also got two maternity tops, but I’ll spare you those pictures.

Most of the clothes and shoes were all $3-$5, except for the three-piece dress outfit, which was $10.  I think I got some awesome deals, don’t you?  This consignment sale is definitely something worth going back to…they had a lot of really nice stuff! 

The next morning I drove down to Conway and Little Rock to look at maternity clothes.  For the first time in my life, this was more of a “hunting” trip instead of a shopping trip.  Within the course of a few hours, I hit Yours Truly consignment store (the most awesome consignment store ever), Old Navy, Target, and Motherhood Maternity.  I spent more than I was planning, but I think it was worth it.  I ended up getting two nice blouses, a t-shirt, a tank-top, a cute dress, nice long jeans, and longer denim shorts.  Oh, and a pair of shoes.  No, I wasn’t planning on buying shoes, but they were at the consignment store and they basically just jumped out at me.  I think they were meant to be mine, don’t you?  hehe!

I was going to take pictures of all the clothes I bought, but I decided you’ll probably see them eventually in my pictures.  So, I’ll wait and surprise you.  Anyway, I’m pretty much set for now.  I haven’t done that much shopping in a long time, but it was much needed…especially with my ever expanding belly.

I feel like I’m getting bigger by the day and my belly button has really started to poke out.  And guess what?  I feel great!  I don’t feel particularly tired (although I do sleep more at night…maybe that helps).  Yes, my hunger has been outrageous the past few weeks, but that’s normal.  My lower back hurts on some days but other than that I don’t feel particularly achy.  I don’t have heartburn or terrible digestion issues.  For the most part, I find that the better I eat and the more I push myself to work out (especially pregnancy exercises and back-strengthening exercises), the better I feel.  Maybe this will change, but right now I’m really loving this part of pregnancy.  Little Baby Baker (okay, he has a name…we’re just waiting a bit to share it), is kicking me harder and more frequently every day.  Just 18 more weeks and my little man will be in my arms! 


But, for now…he’s close to my heart.

2 thoughts on “18 More Weeks to Go!

  1. You little guy is going to be one well-dressed and super loved boy! 🙂

    What a lovely photo of you with that baby bump growing! I'm really enjoying the second trimester energy surge as well and agree that those sweet kicks are just wonderful!

    God bless you as you continue on this journey as a mother.

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