One Thousand Gifts: Being at Peace

Nineteen more weeks.  Some days it seems like an eternity.    Being halfway there doesn’t seem to help. After all that, after seeing my sweet little man kicking on the ultrasound, after knowing what his name will be…I’m still only halfway there?!

There are days I long to hold him in my arms.  To look into his little face, to sing to him, to love on him.  And yet, I know that time has not yet come. 

I don’t hate being pregnant.  In fact, for the most part, I love it.  Lately I haven’t felt extra tired or unable to do things, and there’s nothing like feeling that life kick and move around inside of you.  And yet, sometimes I get impatient.  Sometimes I just want to fast forward the next several months.  But how much would I miss if I could?  I’d miss the wonder of watching my son grow within me.  I’d miss the last sweet months with just my husband and I.  I’d miss getting to buy cute maternity clothes and show off my baby bump.  I’d miss getting to shop for things for Baby Baker.  I’d miss glorious spring and early summer.  And most of all, I’d miss out on all that God has given me to do today…in the here and now.

Yes, I wait in anticipation for the day I can hold my little one in my arms.  But I’m at peace with right now.  Never again will I be able to have him so close, and keep him so precious to me. 

Pregnancy is a time of waiting…but it’s also a time of feeling God pour out His glorious peace.

271. The gift of experiencing my child growing within my womb.
272. The joy of wondering what my little son will be like.
273. Feeling his kicks almost constantly now.
274. Getting emails from my husband with links to things he wants to get our little man…like a little Carhartt jacket or a Carhartt diaper bag.
275. Getting to experience pregnancy with a growing number of friends and family members.
276. Deals on diapers…it’s never too early to stock up, right?
277. Getting to go to a baby consignment sale this week…and possibly maternity clothes shopping!
278. The satisfied feeling after accomplishing some spring cleaning and organizing.
279. The sweetest man ever who literally spoils me rotten. 
280. Knowing that God has an incredible plan for this season of life.

2 thoughts on “One Thousand Gifts: Being at Peace

  1. I love this! I feel like I'm in the same boat. Wishing it would go faster but also being so grateful for this special time with just me and my little lady inside of me. And showing off the bump is pretty fun! 😉

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