Why I’m Glad I Don’t Have a Full-Time Job

My days lately are crazy.  I never know from one day to the next if I’ll be at school subbing, at the ironworks doing office work, or something else altogether.  Some may think not having one, full-time job is the pits, but personally, I love it.  Not only am I blessed to have a hubby who is faithful about “bringing home the bacon”, making me not need to worry about a steady paycheck, but I also feel the most free I ever have.  Here’s why:

1.) I pretty much set my own schedule.  I’m not tied down to somebody telling me I have to be somewhere or that I have to stay until 5.  I set my own hours, and that’s pretty awesome.

2.) Setting my own hours means I’m free to do other stuff.  If someone wants to have lunch during the week or a friend wants me to go shopping with her in Conway on a Thursday, I just make my schedule around that.  I don’t have to put in for time off, or even plan something way in advance.  I’m free to help others and do fun things during the week.

3.) I get to eat lunch with Andy a lot.  Working at the same place as your spouse does have it’s perks…especially when we can plan our lunches together.  If I’m not subbing and Andy’s not at a lunch meeting, we are undoubtedly eating lunch together.

4.) I get to come home for lunch. Setting my own hours means I can take a bit longer of a lunch break, meaning I can come home to eat.  I so enjoy those days when I can make something awesome for lunch, or even just whip up a box of mac & cheese.  Plus I can eat while watching a show I taped…yay for that!

5.) I can travel with Andy on his work trips.  Unfortunately, Andy’s job takes him out-of-town a lot, and sometimes for extended periods.  I know from experience that it stinks to be home alone for almost two weeks, missing your hubby and having to take care of everything yourself.  Now, I can often go with him on his longer trips.  Sometimes I even get paid to work!

6.) I can workout during the day.  I’m not a big gym person, nor a treadmill fanatic.  I much prefer to be outside when I work out.  Many days during the week, I have time to actually walk the dog during the day…before it gets dark.  This is a huge motivator for me!

7.) We’re not tied down to my income.  Once our baby comes along, we really won’t miss my income too much, simply because we don’t depend on it anyway.  Sure, it’s nice to have a little extra cash coming in to save or spend of fun things, but it’s not necessary for our living.  I’m actually really thankful for this!

8.) I get to be home a lot.  I really love being home.  Sure, if I was strictly a stay-at-home wife, I’d bored a lot with not much to do.  But I still have enough to do to keep me busy when I am home!  It’s so nice to be able to work on the house during the day, or get things picked up before I’m wiped at 5 o’clock!  Plus I can plan bigger projects, such as sewing something or making a pot of beans from scratch, into the times I am at home.

9.) Every day is different.  I could never get bored with what I do, simply because I have no clue what will happen!  I don’t try to plan chores for certain days of the week, simply because I have no idea what I’ll be doing on that particular day!  While it may seem chaotic, for me, who doesn’t have a ton of responsibilities right now, it’s actually really fun.

10.) I’m daily reminded that I’m exactly where God wants me.  The other day, as I worked on building a spreadsheet to log the production efficiency of the different blacksmiths, I began to chuckle to myself.  Five years ago, or even two years ago, I would never have thought I’d be doing that kind of work.  I have my bachelors in Elementary Education, but I spend many of my days verifying shipping bills and solving problems related to iron production.  Some would call that a waste, or say I’m simply not following my calling.  But you know what?  Right now, at this point in life, it is my calling.  Every day, as I either drive to school, make my way to the ironworks, or simply start a pot of chili, I feel like I have so much purpose…I’m right where God wants me.  Sure, in the world’s eyes I’m “going nowhere fast”, but in God’s eyes, I’m right on track.  And you know what?  I’m never happier than when I’m in the center of His will for my life.  What more could I ask for?

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