My Weird Observations About Pregnancy


18 weeks already!

Nothing is ever as you expect it to be…especially pregnancy.  I’m now 18 weeks along, and already I’ve taken some pretty funny notes about what’s been happening to me.  Here are some of my favorites:

1.) I can still fit into two pairs of my pre-pregnancy jeans without the help of a be-band.  Only problem is, my belly laps over my pants, especially when I sit.  For skinny-minny me, this is a new experience…and I’m not sure how I feel about it.

2.) Even before I could actually feel the baby move in my tummy (which started a week ago Saturday!), I sat around “trying” to feel the baby move.  I don’t know how you go about doing that, but I did.

3.) I purposefully wear clothes to accentuate my belly—yes, I’m proud of that bump!

4.) I can now make my own self carsick when driving.  I went from hardly ever getting carsick to this!  How is this possible?!

5.) My skin is a nightmare.  Seriously, I feel 15 all over again.  Currently, I’m trying my hairdresser’s suggestion of washing with baking soda and honey.  Somehow, I doubt this will quell my acne-causing hormones!

6.) The only thing anybody ever asks me anymore, even if they hardly know me, is, “How are you feeling?”  Well, fine, thank you…and yourself?  Seriously, though, I’m already tired of them asking it.  Plus, they always seem surprised when I say, “Good.”  Why Am I expected to feel bad?

7.) For the only time in my life, I wish people would tell me I have a big belly.  No, my bump isn’t huge, but surely it’s something?  When people say I’m “not showing at all”, I wonder if they think I’ve always had a poochy belly.

8.) My usual love of vinegary foods has only intensified with pregnancy.  Now, I cut up vegetables and eat salads just to have an excuse to douse them with vinegar.  Weird, I know.

9.) Maternity clothes all either look like regular clothes or made for a giant. Is there no happy medium?

10.) I really, truly love being pregnant.  I haven’t been terribly sick, and this second trimester has given me renewed energy again.  But still, even if I didn’t get off so easy, I’d love it.  There’s nothing more incredible than having your own sweet baby growing inside of you.

3 thoughts on “My Weird Observations About Pregnancy

  1. Fun observations! I was giggling throughout.

    #6–isn't it weird how people expect that? I've felt overall pretty good through both my pregnancies, but a couple people told me after I miscarried my first that they'd wondered if something was wrong with the baby because I hadn't felt bad/sick enough… Good grief. So, now even if I've been feeling great for the last two weeks, I'll talk about the few moments when I didn't feel 100% perfect. Seems that's what people want to hear. *roll of eyes*

    #7 also made me laugh. Who knows what people will say? One Sunday I had several people tell me I was looking “huge!” (as I'm pregnant, that's okay by me!). The funny part is, that the very same day I had a couple other people tell me I wasn't showing a bit, and probably wouldn't ever show. Wait–what?? 😛

    #10–Yep. Totally agree. 🙂

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