Baby B Ate My Cookie!

Lately, I’ve been extra hungry.  Considering I had a healthy appetite before I got pregnant, it really is no surprise.  I’m getting bigger by the minute, and all that weight has to come from somewhere.  I can especially tell that Baby B is zapping some of my nutrients…especially when I don’t eat that great on any given day.  Last weekend as Andy handed me my cookie from the Double Tree, he joked that I wouldn’t really get any…because the baby would steal it!

Really, though, despite being hungry all the time, I’ve had a renewed energy to eat better.  Not only can I feel the effects of certain foods on my body a lot more (anything too sugary is making me nauseous, for example), but the thought of the baby growing within me is also always in the back of my mind.  I have a desire to eat better, because I want to feed my sweet baby the very best, and I want him/her to get all the nutrients he needs! 

In our modern culture, however, that thought doesn’t seem to prevalent.  Women take prenatal vitamins and then pig out on junk, using their pregnancy as an excuse.  It really makes me sick.  I’ve always known that I would refuse to be one of those women.

So what’s a pregnant lady to do?  There’s tons of diets out there to follow, but I forgo those.  I believe that God made a woman’s body to be able to nuture and grow babies without the help of strict diets.  My approach to eating healthy while pregnant?  I’m trying to eat the freshest, least processed foods I can possibly find.  When I’m hungry, I eat, when I’m not, I don’t.  When I crave certain foods, I try to figure out what I might be lacking that my body (or baby) is needing, and I eat that.  I don’t count calories, although I do check sugar and sodium contents.  I believe that God made our bodies to guide us through a healthy pregnancy!

Here of some of the “extra” things I’ve been doing to eat well for Baby B:
-Filling up on vegetables and eating them for snacks (instead of processed foods).
-Replacing some meat with grains, such as lentils or quinoa.
-Eating lots of leafy greens, such as spinach or kale.
-Not buying anything that might “tempt” me, like chips or crackers.
-Fulfilling cravings the healthy way.  For instance, I crave salty things a lot, but usually I can satisfy that by just eating something sour.  I have always loved anything with vinegar in it, but that love has only grown with pregnancy.  I also make a lot of stir fries with Braggs Liquid Amino…very low salt but all the great soy sauce taste!
-Keeping good snacking options on hand, such as homemade salsa or hummus, cut up veggies, and fruits.
-Limiting my sugar intake and simply not buying things that have a lot of sugar.
-Making my own granola bars (with limited sugar)
-Cutting way down on sodas (diet or regular) and other kinds of drinks (anything except water).
-Keeping a water bottle with me to drink all throughout the day.
-Eating as many organic items (especially produce) as possible.
-Trying to eat in moderation when we go out to eat.
-Exercising regularly (more on that later).

Yeah, I still have those days when healthy eating goes out the window.  The other day, I had made cupcakes and they were sitting right there on the counter tempting me.  I ate two of them before lunch even rolled around.  However, it’s amazing how much easier it is to stay on track with this baby growing inside of me!

Check out one of my favorite “Pregnant Lady” lunches, which would really be great for anyone to eat…Stir Fry.

What are some things you did/wish you did when you were pregnant?  Did you follow any specific diet?

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