Making Lemonade

Last week sure was a “lemon” of a week.  It seemed like everything was going wrong, we were tired, and ever busy.  Most of my meal plans went out the window, we found ourselves having to eat out a lot, and Thursday night we even went to good ol’ KFC for dinner.  Yeah, we were that tired. 

Thankfully, we had the end of the week to look forward to and a blissful weekend away from it all in Little Rock.  Only problem was, it seemed like it would never come.  But it did come and Friday night we finally rolled into Little Rock, tired and ready for the cookie waiting for us at the hotel. 🙂

Andy found a great deal at the Doubletree on the waterfront in Little Rock.  Our room overlooked the river!


Saturday was kind of a grey, dreary day, but we made the most of it.  We started off with a breakfast that we definitely couldn’t get at home…gourmet versions of Eggs Benedict at The Delicious Temptation.  Andy got one with avocado and tomatoes, and mine was with crab and artichoke hearts.  Unfortunately, they were so good that I didn’t get a picture of them.  And so, you are left with a picture of my thoroughly delightful hot chocolate. 🙂


Then we headed out to the Pulaski County Two Rivers Bridge.  This is such a neat island-turned-park in the middle of the city.  There are miles of paved walking and biking trails.  It was gorgeous!  Can’t wait to bring our baby back here…



This day really was the epitome of winter in Arkansas…grey and lifeless.  I’m learning to like it, although my heart still sings every time the sun peaks through!

Then it was off to Conway to meet some friends for lunch and frozen yogurt.  Sorry, didn’t take any pictures.  We ended up having the frozen yogurt with my in-laws too, who were in town for my BIL’s basketball tournament.  Some “weekend away”, right?  Really, though it was fun.  Afterwards we went with our friends to Target to check out baby stuff.  It was fun and slightly overwhelming.  I also got my first real maternity outfit…a cute summer dress that will be great for this spring/summer.  Pictures to come!

Finally, we headed back to Little Rock.  We planned on going out to a nice dinner and seeing “The Vow”.  Apparently everyone else had the same idea, though, because the restaurant waits were crazy.  We ended up deciding to wait-it-out at Olive Garden and see the movie in the morning or another time.  Boy was that worth the wait!  Have I mentioned how lacking our dining options are up in the hills?


I’m really starting to look (and feel!) preggo:


The next morning we had an unexpected wake up call at 5 am…the fire alarm!  After an hour down in the lobby with rumors circulating, and laughs abounding at how certain people choose to “evacuate”, we finally got to go back to our rooms.  Some kids had pulled the firm alarm on the 7th floor.  Yes, I know, wonderful. 

Later that morning we awoke to a perfectly beautiful, sunny day.  We decided to head back home, since everything was closed and Andy was rearing to work on his jeep some.  It was gorgeous though!



And so, that’s how we took all the lemons from last week and made lemonade.  And boy was it sweet!

Check out Rock This House today…there’s a bunch of new updates!

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