One Thousand Gifts: A Weekend Away

This past weekend my husband and I took a weekend getaway as a late Valentine’s Day.  Thanks to an amazing deal on Priceline, we were able to get two nights at a nicer hotel in Little Rock on the riverfront for a great price.  We didn’t know how many trips we would be able to get in before the baby comes, so we took this break.

It was well worth it. 

Pictures and more to come, but suffice it to say, we needed the break.  It was so great to just have a weekend for the two of us.  Sometimes, when life is busy and crazy, you just need that time away.


241. Being able to find a great deal on Priceline.
242. Spending two whole days with my best friend.
243. Not having to worry about anything “back home”.
244. Planning for Baby Baker together.
245. Meeting up with friends for some yummy food and frozen yogurt.
246. An absolutely gorgeous, clear Sunday…after a long time of grey.
247. Bright red cardinals in my bird feeder, adding color to dreary days.
248. God’s resolving problems better than we could imagine.
249. Being able to trust Him always.
250. Getting back into the “swing of things” after a time of rest and renewal.

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