A Word To Single Girls On Valentine’s Day

Waiting.  We’re always waiting.  Waiting to graduate.  Waiting for summer.  Waiting for the “perfect” job.  Yet, no one knows about waiting more than a single girl on Valentine’s Day.

I remember how it was.  The ache deep in your soul…the longing to have your own special someone.  Many a Valentine’s Day I’d sit and mope, checking the mailbox for a Valentine that never came, looking longingly at the beautiful roses at the store. 

Now I am married.  I am no longer alone on Valentine’s Day.  Looking back, I see how I squandered the single days I had.

I married young, I’ll admit it.  That was simply God’s plan for me.  And yet, it pains me each time a single girl compares herself to me.  “When you were my age, you were already engaged”…”how old were you when you met Andy?”  Don’t you see the folly in comparing yourself to others?  God’s path for their life is NEVER His path for your own!

I look at my sweet sister, Hilary, a recent college graduate and, quite contently, single.  Yes, she longs for the day when she’ll meet “Mr. Right”.  She waits patiently for God to craft her love story.  But she doesn’t mope or feel sorry for herself.  Instead, she delights in this time.  She lives each single moment to the very fullest, following God wherever He leads.  Can anyone feel sorry for someone like that?

It’s true, you may never be “single and content”.  Sometimes it’s hard to trust that God has a plan and that He’s crafting your love story in His own timing and way.  And sometimes it’s hard to be happy on Valentine’s Day.  The real question is not “are you feeling blue?”, but “what are you doing with the time given to you?”.

My advice for a single girl on Valentine’s Day?  Seek out your First Love and His will for you, here-and-now, and do it with all that you are.  The more you do before you’re married, the more you’ll benefit your husband after.  Money, skills, knowledge, experiences…none of these are brought to a marriage in vain.  Look for ways to serve others, while you have so much free time.  Go to college, take an art class, get a job, start a home business…just do something

God did not intend for us to waste the years before we’re married.  He doesn’t want us to just sit around waiting for a man to come so “life will start”.  Stop answering the question “what are you called to be?” as “a wife and mother” when that’s not where God has put you right now! Yes, that may be where your heart longs to be eventually, but that’s obviously not how He wants to use you right now.

A girl who’s using all of her time and energies to the fullest has no time to mope or cry.  Yes, there may still be an ache in her heart, but she does not dwell on it.  Instead, she uses the time given to her to the fullest. For a true man of God, that kind is a very attractive thing.  

This Valentine’s Day, if you have no Valentine to love, don’t sit around feeling sorry for yourself.  Take the longing in your heart and turn it into something productive.  Show love to others.  Bake someone cookies or go visit people at an assisted living home.  The less you focus on yourself, the easier the ache will be. 

Love and marriage are very good things.  I am so incredibly thankful for the blessing of my husband.  Yes, it’s worth the wait.  Bless your future husband by delighting in the now.

7 thoughts on “A Word To Single Girls On Valentine’s Day

  1. Wow. Beautifully said, Caitlin. Really timely and encouraging for me as well! I appreciate your honesty and realness… I can feel that you really know what you're talking about. 🙂 Have an absolutely wonderful Valentines Day!

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