It’s Not My Body

From the beginning of creation, women have been experiencing the wonderful gift of pregnancy and childbirth.  They’ve marveled as their belly grew, and at the love they felt for the child the first time they held them in their arms.  But somewhere along the way, they decided that their body, this miraculous creation of God perfectly made to form and nurture the tiniest life, was theirs to control.  They decided that, because the tiny life within them was still a part of them—still within them—that they had the say-so to keep or end it.  And so many women do.

I am a woman.  I know what it’s like to be a woman.  I know how we think and how we multi-task.  I know how we have dreams and aspirations.  I know that a baby can be unexpected and unplanned, ruining our plans and our dreams.  But I also know that life is an incredible gift, not to be taken lightly.

For years we women have been lied to.  We’ve been told it’s not a baby—that it’s just a tiny clump of cells.  We’ve been told that we shouldn’t bring an unwanted baby into this world.  We’ve been told that it’s better off for the baby.  We’ve been told that it’s our choice. 

I’ve never been in the situation of even considering an abortion.  I’ve never been pregnant and unmarried, been financially unable to support a child, or been raped.  But I know people who have.  I know the fear, the guilt, the shame, that comes with those babies.  I know the pressures that society, friends, and family puts on you.  I understand why the easy road would seem to be simply “taking care of it”.

But I’ve also seen the tiny life within me on a screen, only eight weeks after conception.  I’ve seen it’s little heartbeat, and it’s sweet little head.  I’ve seen it kick and move, full of life.  I’ve heard the sound of the tiniest heart pumping blood, pumping life, through its little body.  I’ve had a glimpse of what life truly means…to be knit together in your mother’s womb.  And I know that each tiny life is a miracle, crafted special and with its own plan for its life. 

I know too that it’s hard.  A baby could change your life forever.  But what about adoption?  What about all the wonderful families out there that are just aching to make the baby growing inside of you their own?  Yes, there will be shame and guilt.  No, you can’t hide a pregnancy from the world.  But isn’t it worth it if only to give that tiny life a chance to blossom and grow?

You may say it was all a mistake or, if you were raped, that this child growing inside of you could be nothing more than a monster.  You don’t deserve this.  But, then again, neither does your child.  It doesn’t deserve to have life snatched away from it without even being given a chance.

No matter the circumstances behind its conception, a baby is still a baby.  It’s a helpless, fragile life, depending on you to care and nurture it…depending on you to bring it safely into this world.  So I ask you, knowing the miraculous work inside of you, can you still say “it’s my body”.  Don’t you know that you were intricately woven and fashioned, just as this small child is?  Who are you to stop this process?  Who are you to end this small life?  No, it’s not, and should not be, our choice.  It’s not our life to choose.

Sweet child, growing within my womb, know that I will always nurture you, guard you, and protect you, because you cannot yourself.  And with tears in my eyes I pray for the millions of little ones who will never know this love…never know the sacrifice that not “taking care of it” is.  May they be safely welcomed into the Father’s arms, who cares for even the tiniest life. 

4 thoughts on “It’s Not My Body

  1. I just found out two nights ago that a friend of mine felt pressured into having an abortion several years ago. My heart broke for her. She has two beautiful children now, but I know her heart aches for that lost child. Thanks for posting this.

  2. oh, nice, a rape apologist. sorry, but forcing innocent victims of violent sexual assault to contaminate their family gene pool with the genetically damaged spawn of the criminal is forcing them to relive that violation every second of every day for almost a year – an unspeakably cruel punishment of THE VICTIM – and it is REWARDING THE RAPIST and ALLOWING THE RAPIST TO WIN. he will have achieved his goal – to select, by force of violent felony assault, a complete stranger, an innocent victim, to be the mother of his child. he shows other criminal rapists that they too can WIN and achieve their vile goal of successfully using an innocent victim as the container for his damaged spawn. and rapists are now successfully litigating their victims for parental rights! anyone who does NOT make sure that rape victims can rid themselves, safely and legally, as soon as possible, of the damage done by the violent sex offender, SUPPORTS RAPISTS' RIGHTS. if the innocent victim cannot rid herself of the damage, THE RAPIST HAS WON. if people like you tried to stop ME from ridding my body of the damage, i would rip it out with my bare hands if i had to. how DARE you support RAPISTS' RIGHTS????

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