One Thousand Gifts: My Sister

As many of you know, I have been blessed with three wonderful sisters.  Whether by blood or adoption, they are all my beloved sisters…a tie that only God can knit.  Today, I’d like to share with you about one of them.

Hilary and I have always been best friends.  We are less than two years apart, and so we found ourselves doing everything together growing up.  Even in high school, we played the violin in orchestras together, and made it to All-State together.  We pretty much had the same friends too. 

When I graduated from high school and went to college, things changed a little, but not much.  I still lived at home, so despite our differing activities, we still did a lot together.  When she entered college, she decided to major in Elementary Education…same as me.  Lest you think she was copying me, Hilary has always been her own person.  She’s independent and strong.  The fact was that it seemed like God was leading us on the same paths. But some days, it seemed like she would never be able to carve her own differing path.

And then I met Andy.  Unfortunately, as anyone who remembers their friends and sisters meeting someone, other relationships change.  Hilary and I were still best friends, but there was someone else in my life now.  And that someone happened to steal me away halfway across the country.  For the first time, Hilary was alone.

Over the past year and a half since I got married, I have proudly watched as Hilary struck her own path and became a woman.  No, it was not the same path as mine, and it’s had lots of bumps and holes along the way.  But she’s shown herself strong and incredibly grounded.  She’s gotten to do things I never did.  She’s taken a mission trip to Ireland, became a leader in various college groups, led worship at church, organized a whole VBS, became a wonderful nanny, became a prestigious Rodel scholar, and, in December, graduated with her Bachelors of Science in Elementary Education.  Oh, and did I mention she’s only twenty?

It’s amazing for me to watch Hilary’s walk with God.  She’s so in love with Him…so hungry for Him.  As she sought out God’s will for this next phase of life, she faced many tough decisions.  Should she teach?  Pursue a masters in Biblical Studies?  Attend a Bible college?  Go on a long-term mission?  Ultimately, she made the decision to follow God’s will. 

Starting today, she begins a two-year program at Calvary Chapel Bible College in California.  I’m so excited for her as she enters this new phase in life and seeks a deeper relationship with Christ.  I don’t know where God will lead, but I do know that she is right in the center of His will. And I couldn’t be prouder.

221. For three wonderful sisters to share life with.
222. Watching God lead every one of us on His own unique path.
223. Having fun becoming aunts together.
224. For all the wonderful “almost sisters” in my life.
225. Getting to spend time with friends and family.
226. Spending time teaching young minds.
227. Another baby appointment today.
228. Much prayed-for blessings coming true.
229. The wonderful gift of a bright sunny day.
230. Getting to watch my sisters become amazing women of God.

2 thoughts on “One Thousand Gifts: My Sister

  1. This is such a SWEET post! You are so lucky to have been blessed to have sisters in your life! I always wished I had a sister while growing up. Now I am so thankful to have amazing sisters in law!

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