One Thousand Gifts: Little Lives

I got to sub several times last week, in a variety of classrooms.  It’s always refreshing and renewing to get to pour into these young lives.  So many of these students have less-than-ideal home lives, many go without, and others live with their grandparents or relatives.  Some of them might not know what it’s like for someone to genuinely care about them.  How I want to just take these kids home with me!  But all I get are a few short hours from time-to-time…a few short hours that could make a world of difference.

As my belly starts to swell and I’m reminded more-and-more of the life growing inside of me, I think about these kids.  I think about how I will raise my own children…and I think about how different the lives of many children are from what I would wish upon them.

And then I think of my sweet little nieces and the gift that they are.  Jennifer finally got to come home on Saturday, so that means the girls are reunited once again.  They are so tiny and so precious…and already God has a plan for their life.

It’s at these times that I learn to remember that God is in control of each life, no matter how small.  He created each one of these children unique and special, just like He is forming the child in my womb.  And even when they may think nobody loves them…He does.  He has them in His hands, and that’s the best place to be.

Marie (left) and Jennifer (right) at home on Saturday

211. For the gift of hugs and sweet words from precious little children.
212. Nieces that are both finally home.
213. A swelling abdomen that is growing more each day…a sign of the baby within me.
214. A much-needed date night with my man after missing out for a couple of months.
215. Bright sunny days, even in January.
216. Working on our house and making it a home.
217. Homemade peanut butter granola bars (I’m trying to eat healthy even as my appetite grows.)
218. Planning out our garden and dreaming of what will be.
219. Thinking up fun things to do for Valentine’s Day.
220. The promise of Spring right around the corner.

4 thoughts on “One Thousand Gifts: Little Lives

  1. Your nieces are adorable. I have twin girls and I remember how I felt when they were both finally home from the NICU. I was so excited to finally have them together! Continue to treasure the one that is growing inside you!

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