Chicken Fried Steak

Okay, I thought it was high time I share another recipe from my files.  This one happens to be one of my husband’s favorites, although not necessarily very healthy.  I’m working on that.  Until then, it’s eaten in moderation in our house…and with generous servings of vegetables and salad. 🙂 I promise you, though, this easier-than-you-think recipe is sure to fill your hubby up and make him all smiles.  I usually make this meal for Andy after a particularly stressful day at work…it always does wonders.

What’s you’ll need:

Cube Steak-I buy large packages of this when they’re on sale and freeze individually what I don’t use.  They come in steaks, but if you don’t want that much meat or you want to cut costs, you can always cut them in half.  You can also tenderize your own meat or use cheaper cuts.  Cube steak just happens to work well and it’s not too expensive for us (the steaks are relatively thin).

Oil-Of course there are the classics for Southern frying, like peanut oil.  You can use just about anything though, from canola oil to coconut oil.  I’m working on an oven fried recipe, so stay tuned!



Flour-I actually use just fresh ground, whole grain wheat and it works great!  You can use plain old white flour though.

Salt & Pepper

Any seasonings you may want to add-Chicken Fried Steak really doesn’t need too much, but I like to add paprika, cayenne pepper, or Creole seasoning from time-to-time.

What To Do:

1.) Heat up some oil in a large frying pan (I use my cast iron pan).  You really don’t need that much oil…just enough to make a thin, even layer on the bottom of the pan.  It’s ready when you throw a pinch of flour in and it sizzles.


2.) Set out two plates or shallow bowls. Mix the eggs (I just use one for two steaks) and a dash of milk in one, and the flour (about 2/3 c. for 2 steaks), salt & pepper, and seasonings (just add to taste…there’s no magic here) in the other.  For the record, my mind blanked and I did not whole wheat flour in these pictures.  I recommend it, though, because it gives an extra crunchiness!


3.) One at a time, dip the steaks in the egg mixture then coat in the flour mixture.  Repeat and set aside.


4.) When the oil is ready (see step 1), carefully put your steaks in the pan.  Don’t crowd them too much…do one at a time if you have to.


5.) Let the steaks cook for 4 or 5 minutes, until the edges are brown.  Using a fork or a spatula, flip them over.


6.) Let them cook a few more minutes, until both sides are adequately brown and there are no red juices coming out.  Set aside and keep warm.


7.) Drain most of the fat out into a oven-safe bowl or cup.  You really only need a tablespoon or less leftover.


8.) Turn the stove to low. Add a dash of flour (again I use whole wheat…and this time I really did!) and whisk together with the fat.  You need just enough flour to make a thick consistency with the fat.  Whisk until the mixture is a creamy brown color. 


9.) Now add milk and whisk in.  I never measure this either.  It will thicken and cook down a little, so add more than you think you’ll need. 

10.) Cook, whisking constantly, until the gravy is thick and creamy.  From this point on I got distracted and forgot to take pictures…oops!  You’ll know the gravy is done when it looks, well, like gravy!

11.) Now it’s time to eat!  Pour the gravy over the steaks and mashed potatoes (if you’ve made some).  I usually serve this meal with the potatoes, whole wheat rolls, a generous salad, and some kind of vegetable.
All of these you can make in advance and heat up when it’s time to eat, so you don’t have to worry about juggling too much.  I wish I had a picture of the final product to show you!  I can tell you that Andy was very pleased (and I think Baby Baker was too 🙂 ).

Now watch your very happy hubby fill his tummy. 🙂   

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