Baby Bump!

For those of you who don’t know, I’m fairly tall and have always been thin.  Those genes just run in our family!  When people started finding out I was pregnant, many made the comment that I’d probably have a very small “baby bump” and not show for awhile.

Looking down at my thin abdomen, I doubted that.  Where was the baby supposed to go, after all?
My mom, who is built much the same way I am, had a “bump” right before 12 weeks.  It was noticeable enough that one of her coworkers, who didn’t yet know she was pregnant, asked someone if she was.  I guess when you’re thin, a little pot belly is obviously not due to food. 

Well, here I am, 11 weeks along, and I definitely have a baby bump.  It’s not enough that anyone else would probably notice (except my husband and family who know me well), but it’s definitely there.  I just didn’t have a pooch that big before…especially not one that was hard and I couldn’t “suck in”. 

Here’s a pic from right around 6-7 weeks along to give you perspective.  Sorry it’s not very good…this was before the camera my sweet husband gave me for Christmas.  It also was a not very good self portrait. hehe!


And today…11 weeks.

I fully intended to be faithful about taking pictures every week, but it seemed kind of silly when I had nothing to show yet.  Plus, the more I thought about it, it’s a little bit overkill.  As baby grows, however, I’ll be sure to update you on my growing belly!

4 thoughts on “Baby Bump!

  1. How fun!! I'm also quite slender, and you're right–there isn't much place for a baby to go except out!! My hubby and I were debating when to make our announcement, and at 6 weeks I remember him being concerned if we didn't hurry up and announce people might figure things out on their own. 😛

    Enjoy this time you have with your little one! It is precious! (and such a cute bump 😀 )

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