The Miracle of Life

Driving to our first appointment with our ob/gyn Tuesday, I felt very nervous.  I was so worried that something was going to be wrong…that I wouldn’t really be pregnant.

That all changed when they took us back into the room.  They turned on the ultrasound machine and the sight of our little baby immediately came on the screen.  One healthy little baby.

We saw and heard the heartbeat (166 bpm).  We watched as the precious babe within me kicked his/her arms around and moved about…showing the life that already coursed through him. And suddenly my fear was gone.  Not only was there a baby within me, healthy and farther along than we had thought, but we knew without a doubt that this baby was in the care of our loving Savior.

As I went about running errands and getting things done later that day, I wondered if those around me realized that a little life grew deep within my womb.  I wondered if they knew that the tiny babe within me was being molded and shaped as we spoke.  I wondered if they knew that it was kicking his/her arms and legs around.  I wondered if they knew of the miracle.

We are so thankful for this precious life, and so excited to see what’s too come.

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