Coming in August…

Right after Andy proposed to me, he played the song “In My Dreams” by Josh Turner.  It’s always had special meaning to us.  In the song he mentions “the sound of bare feet running and cartoons”.

Andy and I have always dreamed of having children of our own.  We prayed and waited and hoped for the day when we would be blessed with them, either through birth or adoption. 

Well, Andy and I have are pleased to announce that that day has come.  Coming in August, the Baker household is expecting a little bundle.  Yes, that’s right…I’M PREGNANT!  We found out just a few short weeks ago, and surprised our families for Christmas.  What great timing!

We are so, SO excited about the new life God has blessed us with.  We feel so overwhelmed and blessed by this gift, and we could hardly wait to share it with you all! 

And so, the answers to the big questions:

When are you due?  I’m estimating sometime around August 12th…close to Andy’s birthday!

Will you find out if it’s a boy or girl?  Yep.  I used to think it would be fun not to, but Andy doesn’t, so we’re going to find out. 🙂

Do you want a boy or a girl?  Either would be fine by us.  We are just happy to know there’s a baby growing within me!

Do you have any names picked out?  We’ve had a girl’s name picked out since before we were married, and a boy’s name for quite some time now, so, yes.  Wouldn’t you like to know?  I might tell you…later. 😛

What delivery route will you go? We live in a rural area, so we’re both most comfortable with a hospital birth.  There aren’t any certified midwives in the area or birthing clinics, and the closest hospital itself where they deliver babies is 45 minutes away.  So, We’re planning on going the hospital route with an OB/GYN doctor.  Other than that, I’d prefer as natural as possible…so we’ll see what happens! 

Morning Sickness? A little, but not too bad.  It tends to come in waves every once in a while, and I haven’t thrown up or anything.  I’m very blessed to know that the reason behind it is the precious life growing within my womb!

Any other weird symptoms? Being pregnant is weird, let me just tell you.  There are days I feel completely exhausted for no reason whatsoever.  Indigestion and soreness also come with the territory. 

Baby bump yet? Not yet.  I’m only 7 weeks along, so we’ll see in a couple more weeks.

First doctor’s appointment?  We have our first doctor’s appointment in a couple of weeks and we’re supposed to get an ultrasound then.  I can’t wait to see our precious baby!

I’m so excited to be able to share this new journey with you.  When I’m tempted to worry about the baby or about the future, I remind myself that this baby is His.  He created him/her, and this sweet baby is in His hands.  What have I to fear or worry about?  I know that this baby was given to us for a reason and a purpose.  I’m so pleased to get to be a part of His amazing plan!

3 thoughts on “Coming in August…

  1. First of all, congratulations times infinity! This is the most amazing next step of the journey marriage began.

    As a Mama who has suffered through a miscarriage, I have to say that I LOVE your last paragraph the best. Each time new life grows within me I have to remind myself of this very thing. I'm glad you are trusting Him fully, He truly does know what He is doing.

    Many blessings to you and the babe, can't wait to read along with you in this adventure. 🙂

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