One Thousand Gifts: For What Could Have Been

As many of you know, Andy and I own a sweet little beagle named Sam.  Sam is our little buddy.  She’s sweet to everyone and is always happy.  She’s not our “baby”, but she’s definitely a part of the family.

Last night we got home from Missouri (which was great…more to come!) to find Sam missing…with her tie out.  It was ten o’clock at night, dark, and our sweet Sam was nowhere to be found.  We called and called, and Andy even drove around for awhile with the four wheeler, but still no sign of her.

I resigned myself to go to bed, knowing that God knew where she was and would take care of her.

I realized we left our toothbrushes in the car and went out to get them.  I decided to call one last time.  This time, I heard a very faint whine.  I knew it was Sam.  Only, it wasn’t coming from the field behind our house like I thought…it was coming from across the street.

I rushed inside to get Andy, who got the four wheeler out again.  Poor guy, I was kind of freaking out a little.  I think I woke up all our neighbors when I realized our cat was trying to follow us across the street in front of cars.  But I digress.

Andy found her behind the manufacturing building across from us.  Her tie out was badly tangled in big pieces of lumber…so much so that Andy left it…but she was okay.  I was so thankful, and I knew God had planned my going back to get the toothbrushes.  I never would have heard her cries had I not been out front, where I didn’t expect to find her.

Anyway, Andy was very sweet about it and got our little buddy all tucked in for the night.  I don’t think anymore tie outs are in her future…apparently she’s just a little Houdini.

171. For God showing us where our little friend was stuck.
172. For Sam being totally fine…just a little scared. (No telling how long she’d been there!)
173. For a wonderful weekend with family in Missouri.
174. For the chance to sleep in two days in a row.
175. For delicious treats and Christmas goodies.
176. For the excitement of seeing my family this next weekend.
177. For looking forward to a New Year, and many new things to come.
178. For finding an ornament that summed up our year perfectly…and half off too!
179. For a husband who goes out in the middle of the night looking for our dog.
180. For sweet buddies who make our life a little big brighter (I’m so thankful for Sam and Elsa!)

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