One Thousand Gifts: Family and Friends

Another busy week closer to Christmas…another week closer to doing Christmas with my in-laws and another week closer to spending Christmas with my family back west.  December truly is flying by!

161. The joy of being completely done with our escrow work.  Now we can work on our house on our own time!
162. Finally getting my voice back after a nasty cold last week.
163. Talking to one of my sisters who is now done with student teaching…yay for graduating!
164. Going out for lunch with my man mid-week.  Always fun!
165. Spending time with wonderful ladies from church at a Christmas party.
166. Learning to play spades with some pretty awesome people.
167. The blessing of friends, old and new.
168. Having friends over for chili Friday night, and their two-year-old son wondering why on earth our poor Christmas tree was so naked.  (We haven’t had time to decorate it yet!)
169. Seeing the people of our church donate so generously to send the college group to Passion 2012.  Even at Christmastime and even in hard economic times.  We raised over $4000 in one day!
170. Looking forward to time spent with family the next few weeks.

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