So Thankful

Linking-up again to Newlywed’s Bliss’ 10 Things I Love About You.

Andy, I love…

1.) How you value extended family so much.  I’m so thankful to have so many family members, and I know that it’ll be so valuable to raising our children as well.

2.) That you always take care of me when I’m feeling sick.  You are the best caretaker in the world!

3.) That you always tell me how and cute and beautiful I look, no matter how un-beautiful I look and feel.

4.) That you like my cooking.  It makes me happy when you want seconds.

5.) That you crave variety.  It keeps my life so interesting!

6.) That you put up with my crazy ideas, like fixing garden beds and planting bulbs in December. 🙂

7.) That you are so willing to help others.  Everyone knows who to call when they need help with something.

8.) That you keep me in bed a little longer every morning.  It’s hard to get up when you want me to stay!

9.) That you value and protect my sisters as your own.  It means to much to me…and to them as well.

10.) That you are so faithful to me.  I never have a doubt about your faithfulness to me…and I never will.

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