This Thanksgiving…

If you haven’t already picked up on it, my family lives far, far away from Andy and I.  As it, driving would take over 22 hours.  Andy’s family, on the other hand, lives 15 minutes from us.  So, as you can imagine, being with both families on certain holidays is impossible.  We can’t do the “one house Thursday, the other Friday” thing for Thanksgiving.

While Andy and I were still engaged, we decided how holidays were going to work for us.  We’d spend Thanksgiving with one family, Christmas with the other, and then trade off every other year.  This helps alleviate any arguments about holidays, as well as lightens the budget because we only have to travel for one holiday.

This year, we’re holding down the fort for Thanksgiving and going over to Andy’s grandma’s house (she lives 20 minutes from us).  We’ve never spent it there before.  I do know that there will be millions of aunts and uncles and cousins running around.  But other than that, it’s anyone’s guess.

I just got asked to bring plastic forks and napkins for 50-60 people.  I’ve never eaten Thanksgiving dinner with plastic forks.  But, I guess when you have that many people, you run out of china plates. 🙂

Although it’ll be different from Thanksgiving’s past, I know I’ll still enjoy it.  Thanksgiving may just be my favorite holiday (yes, more than Christmas), mostly because it’s all about family.  And family doesn’t mean that you have to eat with Great-Grandma’s silver or on the pretty china.  

Andy and I are our own family now, and with that we have an extended family as numerous and spread-out as can be.  Melding everyone’s traditions and ideas is what it’s all about.

This Thanksgiving, I’m thankful to not only have my family out in Arizona, California, North Dakota, and Maryland, but also my new family here in Arkansas, consisting of one very welcoming grandma, 5 uncles, 6 aunts, 19 cousins (not including Andy’s brothers and sisters), and numerous spouses, second cousins, in-laws, and cousin’s kids.  Have I mentioned that Andy’s related to pretty much everyone in our county?

This Thanksgiving, I may not be with my mom and sister’s cooking up a flurry in the kitchen.  We may not watch the Macy’s parade together, eat Mom’s yummy sweet potato casserole, or make a cornucopia out of breadsticks.  But I’ll still be with family.  And for that I am thankful.

How are you celebrating Thanksgiving this year?    

One thought on “This Thanksgiving…

  1. We are actually celebrating Thanksgiving in Arkansas this year too! My parents-in-law moved down here when my husband was in college (his mom works at the uni we attended) and they just stuck around after we got married and moved. This is our Thanksgiving with them (and Christmas with my family and next year will be flip flopped). I miss being with my siblings and parents, but Christmas will be here soon! 🙂

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