Even Amidst Stress…10 More Things

As I said yesterday, the past week has been crazy.  All the stress of deadlines has really brought to light the differences between my husband and myself.  I’m not a procrastinator.  In college, when a big assignment would be looming in the distance, I’d start freaking out, hoping I could get it done.  I would rarely finished early…I just wasn’t that diligent.  But, I will say, I can count the times I stayed up late working on an assignment on one hand.  And I never “crammed” or pulled an all-nighter.  That would have just sent me over the edge of the stress chasm.

Then there’s my husband.  He’s not a procrastinator.  Yet, he has no problem doing something up until the last minute.  It doesn’t even worry him.  Somehow, he just knows he’ll get it done.  Stress is nowhere to be seen.

And so, you can imagine how one-sided the stress has been this week.  And then, the stress of one person (me!) weighs down the other (him!).  But I guess we balance each other out.  If we both freaked out, we’d be a puddle of stress on the floor.  And if neither of us freaked out, we probably would be up until 5 a.m. the night before.  I’m so thankful for a man that is different from me.  I think one of me’s enough.

DSCF2070 (2)

And so, I’m thankful for you, Babe, because:

1.) You bring spontaneity into my life.  Without you, I’d never know what it feels like to just get up and go somewhere on the spur-of-the-moment.   

2.) You like my cooking.  Especially my chili.  Which really makes me happy because I know you’ve had a lot of chili in your life, and you still like mine the best.

3.) You’re so good with kids.  I know without-a-doubt (and have since one of the first times I ever met you, at the outreach in Michigan) that you’re going to be a wonderful dad someday. 

4.) You don’t like baked potatoes.  Our kids will be the freaks who don’t know what a baked potato is.

5.) You like to snuggle.  Yes, I had to throw that one in there.  I always used to hear that guys don’t like to cuddle…but my manly-man does and I’m so glad!

6.) You like to dress up for church.  I’m always proud to have such a handsome man by my side!

7.) You don’t have an addictive personality.  Video games or anything else will never be a problem with you.

8.) You love to travel as much as I do.  I don’t know what I’d do with a man who didn’t value traveling as much as I do.

9.) You balance me out spending-wise.  Sometimes I can be a real Scrooge!

10.) You always look for sweet ways to show me you love me.  I love coming in to find a bubble bath waiting or one of my chores done for me!

What do you love about your husband?  What are you thankful for?  Join up over at Newlywed’s Bliss!

3 thoughts on “Even Amidst Stress…10 More Things

  1. What a sweet post to your husband! It is so important to have that balance in a relationship, you two sound just perfect together! I am also extremly thankful for my husband. He is so patient, caring, and generous. He always puts me first, and best of all he likes to cuddle 🙂

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