One Thousand Gifts: Stress

Stress.  The bane of my existence.  The thing that makes my skin break out, my immune system go down the tubes, and my life become quite hectic.

This past week has been that way.  We’re approaching a deadline (tomorrow!) for an escrow on our house, when certain work needs to be done.  It’s been chaotic trying to get everything done.  But we’re almost there!  And, despite how stressful it has been, this past week has been greatly rewarding as well.

Through all the stress and, in fact, because, of the stress, there are things to be thankful for.  Extra time with my husband working on the house.  Making the great decision to squeeze in some time to spend with friends and make little boys smile.  Yes, despite how much I hate it, I’m thankful for stress this week.

Somehow, it puts everything into perspective…and makes me trust my Jesus that much more. 

141. Nights and spent hanging out with friends and enjoying life together.
142. A Friday night “date” to get fast food in our paint-splattered clothes in the midst of working on our house.
143. Celebrating one year of life with a sweet little baby.
144. Becoming the “tickle monster” for two precious little boys…and knowing I’ll never be able to live that down.
145. Honest conversations and encouragement with girlfriends.
146. Working on the house with my husband and seeing things finally “come together”.
147. A husband who knows so much about house repairs and fixes.
148. A husband who thinks I’m beautiful even with that “stress” pimple on my chin.
149. Fog in the field behind our house.
150. Looking forward to possibly my favorite holiday…all coming on Thursday!

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