The Trouble with Girls

It’s amazing how much two tiny babies can change your life.  But two precious babies have certainly changed mine. 

The past few days we were busy with a last-minute flight up to Minneapolis to see me newborn nieces, who are in the NICU there.  We flew up on Thursday, met up with my parents and one of my sisters, and spent all Friday with my sister who’s the new mama, my brother-in-law, his parents.  And of course, two little girls named Jennifer Faith and Marie Natalia. 

People keep telling me “oh, you’ll love being an aunt” or “being an aunt is so great”. I keep wondering how they can know.  They couldn’t possibly know what it’s like to be an aunt to my nieces.  They couldn’t possibly know the joy that those little girls bring to my life, and the love I have for them.  Quite simply, they aren’t an aunt to Jenny and Marie.

While visiting with the most beautiful girls on the planet, my sister Hilary (also a new aunt) and I were talking about this whole being an aunt thing.  We both decided that it was going to cost us a lot of money. 🙂

My Aunt Jill used to spoil us rotten.  One time we she took us to the mall, handed us each $100 bill, and then told us that we couldn’t get a ride home until we had spent every last penny.  Back then, we thought she was crazy.  Now, $100 seems like nothing for each of our little blessings.

This past weekend was such a joyful time.  A time to wonder in new birth, and the miraculous pull a newborn has on your heart.  A time to rejoice with my sister the new mama, and her new and growing family.  A time to be touched by the new father tenderly talking to his little girls, and to the new grandparents sitting side-by-side, rocking their new grandbabies with tears in their eyes.  A time to rejoice in new life, adoption, and healing. 

Love is the cord that binds.  Love.  Yes, God is Love.  And He binds us together in Him, in love and restoration.

The trouble with girls is they steal your heart.  And what I wouldn’t do for those sweet girls!  And all because of Him. 

Yes, I feel He has blessed me greatly, in ways you can never understand…because I am an aunt to Jenny and Marie.

The new daddy holding Marie at four days old
The new mommy and little Jennifer
Precious Marie Natalia at 1 week old
Aunt Hilary meeting her new niece
And me…almost afraid to touch her.
And even tinier Jennifer Faith.  She was only 12 inches long when she was born!
DSCF2048 (2)
With Aunt Hilary
And me.
DSCF2053 (2)
The new grandpa with the new mama.  Adoption is just as strong a tie as blood.
DSCF2068 (2)

I have so much more to share, but I’m still waiting on pictures from other family members.

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