One Thousand Gifts: They Will Change Your World

This week my list has been completely taken over by two little girls, who have rocked my world.  And I don’t mind one bit. 

A week after my nieces were born by emergency c-section at just 30 weeks, Andy and I were able to fly up to see them, along with my parents and one of my other sisters.  We were so blessed to get to go.  Blessed to have flights that were open, and blessed that the girls are at a NICU in Minneapolis, which is much easier to get to than remote North Dakota where my sister and her husband live.

Being an aunt is a wonderful thing.

131. Getting meet me my brand new nieces.
132. Holding their little hands and stroking their soft heads.
133. Getting to see my sister as a new mommy.
134. Seeing her husband completely enraptured by his new little girls.
135. Watching my parents hold their new grandbabies with tears in their eyes.
136. Seeing my other sister crying and telling her little nieces over-and-over how much she loves them.
137. Watching my Andy becoming “Uncle Andy”, and looking at his new nieces with such tendernessl.
138. Feeling an incredible feeling of love wash over me, and feeling like an aunt for the first time.
139. Two little girls who are tiny but doing good, without any complications.
140. Knowing that my life will never be the same.

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