This Little Baker Went to Market

The High Point Furniture Market.  For those in the home furnishings business, it’s like drawing lots…telling you what the next few months look like for you.

My husband is the Product Development Manager at Stone County Ironworks, a very unique company that makes hand-forged iron furniture and accessories.  Yes, they employ big, burly blacksmiths, and, yes, they really do have forges.  And their livelihood depends on the ever-changing and unpredictable economy.

Twice a year, my husband and several other SCI employees make the pilgrimage out to High Point.  Good or bad, they know that their success there will determine their future.  This fall, I got to go too.

I’ve been to furniture shows before.  Having the husband I do, I’ve learned more about the furniture business that I ever would have in a lifetime.  I know all about wholesale pricing, and rep commissions, and bed dimensions. 

But still, the High Point show is like a whole other world.  High-dressed women tramp around in skinny stilettos, and men wear only the finest in suits.  Coffee is a necessity, and most attendees are a bit tipsy by early afternoon.  You never know what to expect.  All you can do is put on your best high-brow face and try to get people in.   

Yes, it’s a whole new world, but a fun one.  I’d never want to live in an environment like that, but twice a year it’s not that bad.  It’s kind of fun getting asked if your boots are Armani (hah!) and shaking hands with Dale Earnhardt’s son. 

All in a day’s work at High Point.     

2 thoughts on “This Little Baker Went to Market

  1. I'd probably have to ask what "Armani" is if I were in your shoes, hee hee. 😉 Cool that you met Dale Earnhardt's son!We used to shop at Stone County Ironworks on a regular basis! I always loved looking at their furniture. Have they had their Christmas Open house yet? I'd love to go if they haven't. I just went with my mom to Mt. V last weekend! I was shocked to see they had a McDonald's…that's how long it had been since I was in that town.

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