The Escalator

I have a fear of escalators.  Not a huge fear, as in I won’t get on them, but my stomach definitely drops out before I step on one.

I know they’re perfectly safe, and that if I step on that moving step I will be quickly deposited on level ground.  But still, every time I step on I grab a hold of the railing and look down until my feet are firmly rooted on the ridged stair. 

My life is like an escalator sometimes.  Many times, I have to step out in faith.  I know that I can trust God, way more so than I can trust an escalator.  But still, it’s scary.  My stomach drops out, and the pain of worry cuts deep within. 

The question is, will I step out and trust Him? 

Shakily, I grab the railing and step on.  I push through my fear of the unknown.  The great drop to the bottom floor scares me, but I know that I can’t get to the next level any other way.  And I know that if I step out in faith, God will safely carry me there.

A year ago, I was going through a very confusing time in my life.  On the one hand, I was incredibly happy and enjoying newlywed life with my hubby.  On the other, there were problems and worries back home in Arizona that I had no control over.  Most days were busy enough that I could get through them without thinking of the worries far away.  But then something would remind me.  My stomach would tie itself in knots, and the pain of not being in control would seem almost too much to bear.

It was then that I had to grab a hold and step on anyway.  I had to trust God, knowing that He would carry me through.

Today, things have changed, but they’re no less confusing.  I’m still not in control, and things are far from perfect.  Yet, I’m learning that God truly does have an awesome plan through all of it.  I’m learning that I don’t have to be in control.  I’m learning that the pit in my stomach will go away, and that God will carry me through.  Worrying about it won’t help anything.

So, like stepping on the escalator, I press through my fears and worries.  I trust Him—He who is able to supply all our needs.  He who is watching over those I love.  He who has a plan through everything.

So, I ask you…will you step on with me?

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