The Big "C" Word

Compromise.  Usually it’s portrayed in a positive light, as far as it relates to relationships.  But compromise in the way we live?  I think we’ve taken it too far.

Nobody’s perfect, and Christians even more so.  But I’m sick of the compromise that’s going on.  I’m sick of us professing Christians living just like the world, instead of being the lights we should be.

Take purity, for example.  Often, we draw the line at the big “s” word.  Yet, in our dress and our actions, we are sending the message that we want to be as close to the world as possible.  Why do we compromise so much in this area?  No, you may not have had sex, but have you preserved your purity?  Purity is about so much more than just sex.  Purity is a mindset and a lifestyle. It’s a direction to go instead of a line to get close to. 

Now, I’m not saying that everyone has to wait for their wedding day to share their first kiss, like Andy and I did.  That was just something that Andy and I decided to save.  What I am saying is that, as Christians, when approaching the subject of purity and boundaries, as well as any other area of our lives, we need to think about our witness.

Last week, I saw some things posted online by a fellow believer in Christ.  They were very sensual and, to say the least.  There was nothing about them that was honoring of God.  Furthermore, this was public online for everyone to see.  Unfortunately, this is nothing new.  I am constantly let down and disappointed by the compromise I see in fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.  I struggle with compromise myself. 

So, my question is, why compromise?  Why see how close we can get to being like the world while still proclaiming Christ?  God doesn’t want lukewarm, compromising followers.  He wants followers who are truly sold out to Him and willing to live a life that’s radical in the eyes of the world in order to follow Him. 

I have news for you: the world isn’t drawn to themselves.  They’re empty, so why would they look to other empty people to fill them?  What they are drawn to is Christ as He overflows out of His followers.  And they can’t see Him when we look like the world.

Are you ready to stand up and be different?  Lets start running the race with our eyes fixed on Jesus instead of on what others are thinking of us. 

Not compromising.  It’s about so much more than toeing the line.  It’s about being different for Christ…and being okay with that.  

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